Popular Science News | Fastest UK Electric Car

Popular Science News – the image of electric cars being slow has just taken a dive when the Nemesis, brainchild of Dale Vince, founder of green electricity company Ecotricity, broke the UK land speed record for an electric car. The previous record, set by Don Wales, the grandson of speed ace Malcolm Campbell 10 years ago, was 220km/h. The Nemesis has set a new record of 242km/h.

“The car began life as a second-hand Lotus Exige bought on eBay, and was rebuilt from the ground up. Vince said the Nemesis is capable of zero to 100 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds and, on paper, is capable of topping 320km/h. The Nemesis can travel for 160-240km between charges, depending on driving style, and can be charged from empty in less than 30 minutes.” [Nine News]

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