North Cyprus News | Asil Nadir’s Friend Gave Him £4m Pocket Money

Mr Nadir appeared at the Old Bailey again today where his good friend, Turkish business man Mr. Hamit Cankut Bagana, told the court that he gave Nadir £4m out of friendship. Well Mr Bagana I guess the Kulaksiz 5 would love a friend like you, they certainly could do with a bob or two at the present time, they are not of legal aid here in north Cyprus and their case is dragging on and on and looks set to continue in that vein.

It was suggested that Bagana was Nadir’s business partner involved in the development of Gecikale airport, but this was denied. It wouldn’t be out of the question for Nadir to have financed the airport deal in Bagana’s name on the understanding that the money would be ‘given’ to him when needed. Sorry, ridiculous idea, only a cunning businessman would think of something like that, certainly not a 71-year old pensioner whose only job in the last 20 years was as a “short-term consultant” to the Cyprus Today newspaper bearing his name..

The case was adjourned until Friday.

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