Asil Nadir’s Wife Complains About British Justice System

Asil Nadir’s Wife Complains About British Justice System

It seems that 29 year old Mrs Nadir cannot keep from telling the world how unfair her husband’s trial was. He has a prison sentence of 10 years and has been ordered to pay compensation to the tune of £5million. Personally, having lived his best years on the run in north Cyprus, knowing he will serve less than half the sentence and being ordered to pay only £5 million, seems quite lenient to me.

Let me tell you what is unfair Mrs Nadir. Old people in north Cyprus whose only mistake was to buy there, who are being reduced to penury because of the outrageous amount of money it is costing to try to find justice in a foreign land. These people are NOT GUILTY of any crime yet the vultures wait to take their homes and pick over their bones. Now that really is unfair.

There is no question of any of them putting their money in the names of family members, they have no money, the system has seen to that. At the end of their trial they could also be homeless. Tell me Mrs Nadir, when your husband has finished his sentence (less than half of the time given), what will he return to? A still young wife, a luxurious home and access to his money one way or another. Oh, and I did I mention, these pensioners being abused in the country of Mr. Nadir’s birth may well have had their pension expectations diminished too if their Pension Funds had been invested in Polly Peck during their working lives.

I know there are many who think Mr Nadir has been badly treated by the British Legal System, I think given a choice, the property victims in north Cyprus would choose the British system over the one that they are having to use in north Cyprus. To begin with the British authorities would have involved the police from day one since most victims have been subjected to criminal fraud.

Most would also by now qualify for legal aid, strange how Mr Nadir was given it since he is visibly such a wealthy man.

Mrs Nadir, I would suggest you count your blessings for when your husband returns to you, as he will. He will be free of all that has hung over him for so many years. The victims of the property scams in north Cyprus will be lucky to live long enough to see justice and even if they do, they will be shadows of their former selves. They may not be in Bellmarsh, but they are in a prison of sorts never the less.


Power to the people


Citizen Smith

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