Modern Poetry | After a Visit

Modern Poetry – my thoughts after a visit by a lady.

After a Visit

Time goes so fast
This love will last.
Meeting, greeting
Brushing lips.
Eyes alight
Kissing harder.
We know we two
Are as one.
Lack of sleep
We care not.
Touching, feeling
Deeper and deeper.
Love has come home
Filling our hearts.
Delight absolute
Delicious and pure.
Now in Limbo
Far apart.
Empty bed, full heart
Not sad, just missing.
Licking lonely lips
Finger tips needing.
Your body, your tips
You came, you saw.
You conquered me.
I need you.
Your love you gave
Completely to me.
A privilege divine
Sweet sparkling wine.
Bubbles on my tongue
A gentle blowing wind.
Soothing my soul
With warm wind.
Stirring my body
Hot Sirocco.
Mistral passion
Breeze to gale.
You have me now
I am yours forever.
Beautiful you are
Happy we are.
Each together
Soon forever.
I your man
You my woman.
We will explore
Each other.
And the World
Although we.
Make it stop
Silent, encompassing.
Wrapped in kindness.
And care
For each other.
A gift we receive
From where we know.
Now accepted
Open and honest
Born again.
A new love and life
Ours my love.
I love you
It is plain to see.
You love me
I know.
I saw your gift
To me.
I will always treasure

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