Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 | Posthumous Justice?

Now that we are aware that the Kulaksiz 5 court case dates of the main case and the Appeal hearing are after the summer recess, this takes us to the tail end of 2012. When you consider that the Appeal hearing is to challenge the lower court decision arrived at on the 26th August 2011, when Judge Usar found in favour of the Bank and refused the Interim Injunctions applied for to stop the Bank selling the homes of the Kulaksiz 5 litigants, you then realise that just to be given that date has taken over a year.

The main case has been delayed until September 2012 and then of course, whichever side wins, it will almost certainly be a subject of yet another Appeal. With these examples, you can easily see how we could be into 2014 and the case still be in North Cyprus courts. It is not until all domestic remedies have been exhausted that the ECHR will even consider hearing the case the Kulaksiz 5 has already lodged in Strasbourg.

Those who have seen the DVD produced by supporters of Kulaksiz 5 entitled “Banks Behaving Badly” will already have witnessed first hand the enormous stress being suffered by some of the K5 victims. The very reason why the legal procedure in North Cyprus should be shortened is the stress being caused to these innocent people and the age of this set of victims. Until more compassion is shown to these victims by those in power, the agony will just go on and on.

Pandora S Box

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