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Popular Science News – it has been known for decades but finally scientists have undertaken the research to prove it. People living in Cornwall and Wales are more likely to be carrying the DNA of the ancient Britons.

The reasoning has always been that most invasions came via the shortest sea journey around Calais and fleeing Britons were gradually pushed to the edges of England and into Wales. To confirm this, scientists took DNA samples of those living in villages in the extremities of England and Wales as well as in other places. The subjects had to be able to prove that they had ancestors living in the area going back four generations.

The results were as expected, showing that those from Cornwall and Wales are among the most genetically distinct Britons on the mainland,  carrying DNA from the tribes that colonised Britain in the last Ice Age, whereas those from central and south-east England are a mixture of ancestors from tribes that invaded the British Isles.

If you are interested in finding out who your genetic ancestors were, there are many companies who undertake genetic tests doing just that. You place a  swab inside your mouth and rub some cells from the inside of your cheek and send the sample to these companies. Make sure you haven’t just eaten a ham sandwich or the results might come back showing you are a swine!


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