Akan Kursat North Cyprus Advocate scores a “Hat Trick”

Well now we have the hat trick.

Not being at all certain that the Cyprus Bar Association would reply to her enquiries, especially as her request was in English and about an TRNC Advocate, Polly Marples conducted her own research. Firstly she input both Akan Kursat and Talat Kursat’s names as a general search in the Kyrenia district section of the website database – both came back as “no records found.” Realising this could be argued as inconclusive, she searched the whole membership and as you can see below, alphabetically they should be between Ktenas Nicolas and Kurtha Ali – but they are not there, oh dear not another false claim?

This really speaks volumes about the ethics of these Advocates and begs the question, if they will lie about things that can be easily checked, what else would they lie about, that maybe could not be checked?

I leave you the reader to come to your own conclusions. As they say in the legal profession, I rest my case, that is unless Polly Marples comes up with yet more disturbing revelations.

The female of the species is more deadly than the male.

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