North Cyprus Free Press Classified Ads

It is one year since NCFP was launched and time for something new. We are trialling NCFP Classified Ads for a short time to see if there is a need for it. To get started here is what to do:


Click on and look through the ads in one of 3 ways:

  1. click on a category and check out the Ads
  2. enter a search into the Search Classified Ads section on the right, optionally choosing a category
  3. at the bottom of the page are 3 tabs: Just Listed, Most Popular and Random


Once you’ve found something you want you can reply to the Ad by filling in the Contact Form on the right and then wait for a reply. Don’t forget to enter the answer to the simple calculation in order to prove you’re human!


To Register all you have to do is click on the Join Now button and fill in the information and then click the Register button. A password will be sent to the email address you gave and you should then Login and change your password to something more memorable by clicking on My Dashboard on the top right of the page and then Edit Profile.

To Post an Ad click on the button and follow the instructions. Select the Category and Sub-Category, if there is one, fill in the Title, Price (include currency), Town, a Description and any images you want included. CAREFUL, once you post this you cannot change it! Once you accept the Terms and Conditions your Ad will be sent to be verified. Emails will be sent to confirm all these stages

Good Luck and get started

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