A Bailiff and an Attorney – a Match for the Devil

A Bailiff and an attorney--a match for the Devil

How very interesting a Bailiff story in the Cyprus Mail. I am sure Pauine Read would say that Bailiff’s have become the story of her life.

In the south allegations have apparently been made of Bailiff’s being bribed NOT to serve Writs on famous people. How bizarre, perhaps if our intrepid campaigner becomes famous enough, she might merit someone bribing the Bailiff here to cease and desist in his serving of Writs on her.

Certainly, in a recent conversation with her partner he told me of the last occasion that the Bailiff visited his home. The Bailiff told him Ms Read was due in court on the 16th of that month and asked if the car and the house belonged to her. It was not true she was due in court and since when was a Bailiff supposed to ask questions of anyone he was serving a Writ on? Maybe a little coaching had taken place before the Bailiff had been unleashed?

It is a sign of a very spooked Bank that they think issuing Writs is the answer to their problems.

Source: http://www.cyprus-mail.com/chrystalla-georghadji/corrupt-bailiffs-aiding-tax-cheats/20120425#comments

Ann P Pandy

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