North Cyprus Property Victims | Karmi/Robb Auction in 10 days

10 days to go until the Auction scheduled to take place on the 6th May 2012 at the coffee shop opposite Girne District court 10.00 a.m but anyone who intends to attend should be there earlier. It is a very sad occasion as it will certainly be the final nail in the coffin of the Property Sector here in North Cyprus. As befits a death, mourning clothes are requested, but of course optional, a black armband and at least one flower to lay at the site of the death would be appreciated.

Let us look at this particular case. Robb, whose co-shareholder, and therefore his partner in Aga Company Limited, Mr Akan Kursat of Talat Kursat Law Firm should carry joint responsibility for putting these innocent purchasers in the position they now find themselves in. Perhaps if so much money had not been winging its way to Thailand there would have been enough money in the pot to avoid this situation. We all know who facilitated these transfers, don’t we? The original plan, as I understand it, was to compensate the landowner, Mr Eray Fellaloglu for his land by building him a luxury villa to the value of £350,000. In return Mr. Fellaloglu transferred 5/6th of his land in Karmi to Aga Development , the remaining 1/6th he retained as it was the land his luxurious villa would occupy. If this is correct, then the landowner must still own 1/6th of the land as I am assured his villa was never started.

With this in mind, why then would the landowner advance Aga materials in the sum of $200,000 as he claims? You see where I am going with this? The landowner, transferred 5/6th of his land to a well known felon on only a promise whether written or verbal and then compounded his ‘mistake’ by allowing this well known felon ‘credit’ in the sum of $200,000. Now does that sound like the action of a canny business man?

We know that not one single villa was completed on this site. We know that 4 villas were started on this site, one still only at the footings stage. Two purchasers will be affected by this Auction, the first having paid £143,000 and a great deal more in legal costs, the second having paid just over £51,000 plus a great deal more in legal costs. The Minister of the Interior points out that no one will be made homeless by this Auction. Correct Mr. Minister. Oh how I wish I could think in just black and white. The point the Minister misses, but we can all see, is that had the purchasers not already been duped by Robb and his fellow owner of Aga, the villas would be finished, and they would be LIVING in them. Now that logical thinking is not exactly rocket science, so why does the Minister not see it, I really hope it is not just a question of seeing only what he wants to see and hearing only what he wants to hear; surely not.

Unless a MIRACLE takes place, the Auction will take place on the 6th May, and we must support the victims.

If you care, be there.

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