Lalaland Property Victims | Fairy Story


Lalaland Property Victims – Fairy Story

Once upon a time there was a small community of English folk living in a little hamlet in a village called Yakakarsi, and even though the cottages there were built a lot like the last five letters of their village’s name, they were happy because they had saved all their lives to be able to afford their own homes in a very sunny warm country called Lalaland.

Now all should have been sweetness and light for this little community, and at first it was. As with all such tales, this one did have a sting in it too. Their feudal land owner appeared at first to be a kind soul but this exterior hid an evil heart. Unbeknown to our English folk, the feudal land owner went to see his old school friend who now was manager of a bank owned by his family and told his friend he needed to raise money quickly. Well, said his friend, borrow some from my bank, I will give you ‘friends rates’ since I do not expect you to ever repay it, let’s say 1000% is normal, but for you I will reduce it to 250%. So the two friends laughed, high fived and did their dirty deed. The feudal land owner said, “we had better put a charge on the cottages I have already sold but are still in my name or your dad might get angry with you.” His lifelong friend agreed knowing his dad did have anger management issues, as did his brother Hemmet who liked to drive cars at speed.

So the deal was done, the feudal lord had his 83,000 Lalaland Lira and the bank had the charge on the homes of the English folk.

Well, it came to pass that the bank decided that they did want their money back so went to the courts and succeeded in convincing the Judge that it was a good idea to let them repossess the property the errant son of the banking family had allowed his friend to borrow against.

As is usual in a fairy tale, it should end happily ever after. This seems to be the exception to the rule because the English folk are now fighting to keep what they have already paid for, the law in Lalaland seems to be a little hard to get one’s head around and justice sooo expensive.

During the six years the English folk have been fighting to keep what is rightfully theirs, two of the English folk have died and one couple have capitulated and appear to have paid the bank what they asked for and worse still appear to have provided the bank with an electronic mail supposedly sent to one of the other English folk in March 2006 informing him that they knew there was a mortgage on the cottages. Now even if such a communication did exist, surely it was between the sender and the recipient and why would the sender hand it to the bank? Hiss..booo. Surely they were not given 30 pieces of silver to betray their neighbour? Now where have I read of this before?

So we leave this smaller group of English folk, now deeply stressed, ill with worry and very much poorer than they deserve to be.

Will there be a happy ending? Perhaps there is a fairy out there with a high voltage wand that she can use to cast a spell and produce the much needed happy ending.

Pauline Hans Anderson Read

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