Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Main Case 27th March 2014


Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank – Main Case 27th March 2014

At last Kulaksiz 5 will have their main case begin tomorrow, maybe. Why do I say maybe? Well it seems to me we have been to this point before and it hasn’t happened. I pray tomorrow it will be ‘the day’. Tomorrow, Friday and Monday have been allocated by the District Court for the hearing. I have no idea what the format is or will be since, other than the dates, I have been told nothing. You may think that as a fee paying member of the group it is somewhat strange that I do not know and I agree.

Our Advocate Boysan Boyra has not been in court for us for a while but hopefully tomorrow he will be. There, again I do not know. In the three plus years we have already been attending court, much has happened and much has changed. It was an uphill struggle to get the Injunction that stopped the Bank taking the rest of the properties by selling them whilst the case continued. This in itself seemed odd and would not have been necessary in many countries. Then recently we almost lost it by default. The Injunction unfortunately did not come into force in time to save my villa and the villa of Eva McCluskey taken by very questionable means.

Will winning the case here in north Cyprus force the Bank to give back my villa and the villa of Eva McCluskey? Again I do not know. If not, will we be given monetary compensation? Again I do not know.

If the Bank win the main case in the District Court, I am sure we will Appeal that decision. If K5 win the case in the District Court, it is my opinion that the Bank will Appeal that decision. So the fat lady is still a long way from singing. If K5 lose the main case on Appeal, then I think, although I do not know for sure, we will have exhausted all domestic remedies and ECHR here we come.

When you consider that all the K5 did wrong was to buy villas in north Cyprus. We have been dragged through the mill, been mentally abused, cruelly taunted by our oppressors and given no help whatsoever by those who could but chose to sit back and watch old people lose everything.

I personally have been targeted by those who would further scavenge the carcasses of the victims. By speaking out and denouncing the wrong doers I have been harassed and abused, had blatant lies told about me all in an attempt to silence me. They have manufactured a very colourful and laughable life for me, very different from the quite dull one I have lived. Why, I could almost be a character in a Martina Coles novel. How exciting.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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