Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Why Am I Waiting?

Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Why Am I Waiting?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited.

It is now ten days since the Appeal that never happened.

You might say, give up on it Pauline, they are not going to talk to you except when they want more money,

I did not cough up when asked for money to fund the hearing to oppose the amendment the bank had obtained
without informing the K5 legal team, but that was my decision after being told I can pay, or not pay, it was up to me.

The Appeal, I had already paid up for and expected to kept fully informed about it. Well, I can expect, but no one
seems disposed to tell me more than ‘it was adjourned’. Why it was adjourned, I have no idea. Was a new date given when it was adjourned, I have no idea.

It seems that those who have no financial interest in the case are privy to more information about my case than I am.

I well remember when we embarked upon this case, I was told the fee we paid then was it, no matter how long it took. Surely an Appeal in relation to the main case is still part of the process we paid for so long ago. Nevertheless, I did pay more for the Appeal.

I am aware that my attitude is not popular with others, that is fine. Just like them, I am entitled to my opinion and reassuringly, many agree with me.

If you Kulaksiz Auction Images you will find acres of information about the way Kulaksiz 5 have been treated and much of it is out there through my efforts, and North Cyprus Free Press giving me a platform. I can never repay them or thank them enough for their continued support.

Would I do it again…..yes, in a heartbeat.

Of course I wish I had never purchased in north Cyprus. Of course I wish I had never heard of Akfinans Bank Limited. Of course I would like a quiet life. However, I am not the sort of person to be a doormat to those who would take what is mine, it is not my way, nor will it ever be.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Read

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43 comments to Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Why Am I Waiting?

  • Polly Marples

    I am amazed just how much there is out in cyberspace as a permanent memory of this outrageous INJUSTICE in the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption. Did they really believe they could keep the world in the dark about these shady dealings.

  • Miltiades

    You have to face the consequences of your mistakes.
    All of you !

  • fluter

    Bog off, you nasty person.

    Do you imagine, after all your infantile abuse, anyone suffering fraud on this board gives a tuppenny damn about you or your “problems”?

    Or about anything you post?

    On yer bike!

  • Cyprus Sue

    I know referral to the ECHR is dependent on all avenues being explored within the TRNC first, but surely the fact that this case has now run for 20 years and the numerous court attendances made is proof that justice is not being met within the TRNC and that the plaintiffs are being psychologically abused/manipulated by an ineffective justice system?. How the case is being handled is worthy of external investigation even if they won’t intervene in the court decision making process.

  • AM

    Don’t waste your time fluter,… this cretin is like a bad smell…. hangs around for ages and is very unpleasant and needs flushing away 🙂

  • Polly Marples

    I rather hope the High Court find in favour of the bank, then all all domestic remedies have been exhausted and K5 can go to the ECHR..

    I rather suspect that the reason the case has gone the way it has, i.e. the Judge has ruled that the Kocans be put back into the landowners name is part of the ploy to keep them (K5) in the Turkish Repbulic of Nationalised Corruption’s court system indefinitely.

    So I guess, the High court will rule in K5’s favour and then they will have to go back to the beginning. Starting with a rerun of the Repossession Case and all the time that will take, say 2 years….then an Appeal….say another 18 months, then the fun and games of trying to get the landowner (friend of the Bank Manager and co conspirator in the fraud) to transfer title That in itself will takes years of litigation.

    I have spoken with another legal person who is of the opinion the main case should have been centred round getting the property automatically transferred and a request for considerable compensation requested. NOT the route that was taken, which just generated more legal work for the Advocate.

  • Cyprus Sue

    Enough is enough and i think you are right that it is no more than a ploy to keep the case within the TRNC judicial system.If those involved continue to play this game, plaintiffs and defendants, then the chances are that it could take another decade to conclude and time will be the desired outcome as most of the residents will be in ill health or deceased! It has to reach a point when you stop trying to pursue justice for the housing fraud committed but go after the injustice/incompetence/direct discrimination of the court procedures instead.

    How long will the victims throw more money and waste valuable time on this charade? Very little justice has been achieved in the TRNC with most success being from external agencies like SOCCA and the removal of the right to practice law in the UK for fraudulent TRNC Advocates and their clerk husbands. Just as the Troika has been the one and only “influence” in the South, holding them accountable for the many scandals regarding title deeds, mortgages and NPLs, justice will only come from outside. Pay a British solicitor to take this to ECHR.It is yoyr only option.

  • Miltiades

    Live with it you bricks !!

  • Polly Marples

    As usual Sue, an excellent post.

    We are as EU citizens entitled to use the ECHR and sue Turkey who is a signatory to the principles of the ECHR regardless of the fact the TRNC is not recognised. I believe Turkey is deemed to be responsible for any wrong doing in the TURKISH REPUBLIC OF

    It is less complicated for those scammed in the south as the REPUBLIC OF CORRUPTION is a member of the EU.

  • fluter

    Live with it you bricks !!”

    As usual, none of your business, and your tripe totally irrelevant to the thread.

    Blah, blah, blah ad nauseam ……..

    Time to grow up little man.

  • Miltiades

    All who purchased STOLEN properties are accessories to theft,
    the only excuse you may have is that being ignorant you did not know. You are the lowest of the low, opportunist peasants, so called Brits who saw an opportunity to buy cheap, back of the lorry goodies and could not resist, you friggggging morons, Now swim in your own self provided bowl of diarrhoea, take it on the chin or in your case fagger up yours !

  • fluter

    Dear me! Shouldn’t you be away playing with the other semi-literate, abusive morons on the cyprus forum?

    Just for the record, I haven’t purchased a stolen property.

    And, again, you abusive nonsense bears no relevance to the thread or earlier postings.

  • Miltiades

    Neither does yours you blithering peasant !

  • fluter

    Yes it does. It apples to your inane, abusive, irrelevant posts.

    Are you really as dumb as you appear? Don’t bother to respond to that.

  • Miltiades

    So Plonker, you can dish abuse till the cows come home, you seem not to like being told that you are a lowdown basket, do you peasant !!
    By the way, how long have you been practicing scatology ?

  • fluter

    Why am I a lowdown basket? What have I done to earn that title?

    Come on, nobody on here dishes out abuse like you do.

  • Miltiades

    ” Are you really as dumb as you appear?”

    ” Shouldn’t you be away playing with the other semi-literate, abusive morons on the cyprus forum?”

    With comments such as the above what do you expect me to say to you, Well done, perhaps.
    Look, let me make it abundantly clear for the umpteenth time.
    I detest and utterly abhor any foreign nationals who praise the continued occupation of a part of my birth country because of ulterior financial motives. All are, to me, low down peasants. To continually advance the nonsense that the barbarians had a right to invade and occupy a part of my birth county makes me puke, it would make you too if England was partly occupied and some foreign scum moved to the occupied areas purchasing cheap. stolen English properties. Do you get it ?

  • Ian Edwards

    Wrong again, Yiannis. Turkey did have a right. It begins with ‘G’…..

    Do you get it?

  • Miltiades

    Did the “G” offer Turkey the right to ethnically cleanse more than 160,000 G/Cs, did the ” G” give Turkey the right to occupy the northern parts of Cyprus, import more than 200 thousand mountain Turks, change the name of villages and towns, or perhaps it also gave Turkey the right to sell G/C properties to scum such as you lot.

    Don’t play clever with me you CLOWN.

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, they did exactly what Greece would have done had the coup succeeded. You must have heard the truism “to the victor goes the spoils”.

    It’s not rocket science, Yiannis. Even you should be able to understand that.

  • Polly Marples

    I agree with you Ian, and I believe they would have relegated Greek Cypriots to second class citizens and any Turkish Cypriots that survived would have been third class citizens. So looking at it logically, the Turks did the GC’s a favour.

  • fluter

    miltiades – “it would make you too if England was partly occupied and some foreign scum moved to the occupied areas purchasing cheap. stolen English properties. Do you get it ?”

    Afraid that has already happened. Some of them are even from Cyprus.

    Frankly, you are such a sh*t that I couldnt care less about your position, that is even if it is true.

  • AM

    Milti, It is quite clear you only come on here to antagonize people.

    Well you half wit you have failed … miserably.

    Now run along you silly buffoon of a man.

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”rant”]I see that the dried old prune, as thick as 1.5 planks of wood, comes to support the ignorant or rather since you are all frikking ignoramus, the peasants, who know as much about Cyprus and its long history as they know about rocket science.
    Listen you peasants. Cyprus was occupied by this third world nation way back in 1571,handed over to Britain in 1878.

    Cyprus was the first nation to be ruled by a Christian ruler.
    “Roman Cyprus was visited by the Apostles Paul, Barnabas and St. Mark, who came to the island at the beginning of their first missionary journey in 45 AD, according to Christian tradition, converting the people of Cyprus to Christianity and founding the Church of Cyprus ”

    Now do you blame the indigenous Cypriots for resisting Turkish occupation ? The Turkish Cypriots being truly indigenous to Cyprus have had enough of Turkey, I know I talk to many.

    I despise and abhor cheap lowdown peasants such as you lot. The DOP is almost having kittens at the treatment sghe has been receiving by her beloved Turkey yet, like the moron that she is still supports these thieves.

    Go to hell the lot of you ( apart from one or two ) you deserve all the shiate that is currently thrown at you and believe me this is just the start. Ian the Aussie Clown could not afford elsewhere as he has told us so he found that he could afford stolen goodies and in the process this Aussie peasant has become an expert on Cyprus. Kiss my arrrrrse you peasants![/shush]

  • fluter

    Oh dear – dare I read it? Nah, can’t be bothered.

  • AM

    Haha… his face will be blood red with blood pressure,.. what a complete arse!

    He has no claim to anything in Cyprus as he abandoned the place over 50yrs ago he is a “fashionable” Cypriot with no real passion for Cyprus just hatred for everyone else in the world. This bloke is a con man and a fraud and I don’t think anyone not even his so called compatriots have the time of day for the sad old git.

    And as for TC’s wanting Turks out he really ought to come and speak to my neighbour’s who detest the likes of him and will never vote for pre 74 life ever again.
    Remember this Zorba you have gained nothing in this last round of feet shuffling
    and whats more my sources tell me you will get absolutely nothing at the end.
    You full weight clown….. now piss off.

  • Polly Marples


  • Polly Marples


  • Miltiades

    I have met your lowly types numerous times before over a period spanning more than 50 years. There are two types of Brits, the best in the world BY FAR and the scum. Which class do you lowdown cheapskates belong to !!

    Most of you are cheap, uncouth, not the slightest amount of sophistication, brainless senile old fools who thoroughly enjoy reading the truths that I post, Fooker HAS READ MY PREVIOUS POST, HE JUST CANT RESIST LOOKING IN THE MIRROR.
    Now scumbags I must say goodbye, for now, have a plane to catch.

  • AM

    That’s uncanny Milti.
    You described me perfectly… 🙂 🙂

    I take it you are visiting your floosy in Russia ?

  • Miltiades

    I have never used foul language against anyone’s family.
    I would not refer to your wife as a ” floosy”, I take it you have a wife.

  • AM

    You don’t have a wife ….idiot

  • Miltiades

    Says who, Stupid !

  • AM

    Say’s me …Idiot !

  • Polly Marples

    AM….Maybe after losing his English Rose, he has bought himself a replacement?

  • Ian Edwards

    Sorry guys…I certainly have no love for the abusive GC clown, but in my opinion his personal life should, like everyone’s be off limits.

  • Miltiades

    You all know that I have not the minutest amount of respect for cheapskates. Im fortright on describing those that took advantage of the plight of my fellow Cypriots and purchased properties stolen from them in the occupied parts of Cyprus.

    I also NEVER attack anyones family either here on the Cy Forum where Im well known as a man who ferociously attack those in support of extremists, Isis or other savages. I fully support, and always have done, our western world culture, democracy and general freedom in all walks of life.

    I lost my ” English Rose” some 6 years ago.46 years together. Whether I have another wife or not is my business.
    Life goes on..

  • Polly Marples

    You are right Ian. I would remove my remark if I could.

  • fluter

    Correct Ian, even though I don’t suppose he would hesitate to do so himself.

    But we wouldn’t descend to his level.

  • AM

    Point Taken.

    For me I have decided not to engage with this brain addled excuse for a human being anymore.
    He only brings the board down to his level everytime he comes on.

  • fluter

    Yes, I only respond when I feel he is due for a little “Milti-baiting”.

    But from now on he can rant and rage to his heart’s content.

    I shall not respond any more.

  • Miltiades

    ” I shall not respond any more.”

    Want to bet on that Plonker ??

    By the way, I thank you all for the…excruciatingly complimentary comments. What a bunch of wallies!!!

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, anything less than complimentary aimed at you pales into insignificance beside the offensive garbage you hurl at everyone else.