Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | More Party Details

Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | More Party DetailsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Arrangements are going ahead for the ‘move in’ party. See the Facebook page set up with all the details


I have been thinking a lot just lately about how different advocates seem to have their own thoughts on the law in the TRNC. When I first approached Ms Mehmet of Naomi Mehmet and Associates, I was assured it was based on British Law. That being so, what is it with the Advocates in the TRNC thinking it acceptable to ask you their client to pay any costs made against you BUT to pocket as a bonus any costs that may be awarded to you. 20,000 lira, not a bad bonus.

Now forgive me, but is it worth suing anyone for anything if the Advocate is paid by you, then expects to pocket any costs awarded to you too. What happened to the principle in law, that those in the right do not suffer any pecuniary punishment, those often forced into court through no fault on their part?

Now we come to the Bank who applied recently for a ‘stay of execution’ of the judgement made against them. Why was this necessary when the court allows a set to time for them to Appeal a decision. I remember quite clearly when I won the worthless Breach of Contract, I was not allowed to even try to enforce the decision until the time given for the builder to Appeal had elapsed.

In my case it was six months. However as we all know the Tapu in Girne avoided all attempts on my part to comply with the judgement and indeed succeeded to evade the issue for 4 years culminating in my Breach of Contract order being cancelled with my approval. What sort of system robs Peter to pay Paul? The whole system stinks.

So who polices the polices? Who oversees the legal system? Who ensures justice?

I await the Appeal date and expect nothing, since that is all I have ever got for my money in the TRNC.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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4 comments to Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | More Party Details

  • cyprusishome

    What a great opportunity to meet friends new and old. Maybe the main protagonists on this forum will join us at the BBQ and discuss the issues over a few beers instead of over 2,000 miles.

    Looking forward to the event, maybe the bar stewards that are the Kader family will come along and bury the hatchet!!!!!

  • Gram

    5 April? Unfortunately, I’ll just miss it – I’ll be arriving about 400 yards away, but 5 days later…..
    Hope I’m not going to be entering an active war zone…..

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline is never ever violent Gram. Sad you will miss it.

    It is getting some publicity and someone has been and taken more photos of the villa to.

    All dogs welcome too.

  • Miltiades

    ” in TRNC where justice is indifferent and Human Rights ignored. In July 2010 Akfinans Bank broke into and took my villa, without a court order”

    You are obviously referring to the pseudo state, and you expect…HRs and …justice ??

    They took my family’s property with force, property that unlike your so called property, we legally owned. When will you senile old morons learn !!