Kulaksiz 1 v Akfinans Bank - Introducing 'Kulaksiz 1'

Kulaksiz 1 v Akfinans Bank - Introducing 'Kulaksiz 1'WITHOUT PREJUDICE

And then there was ‘1’. Let me introduce you to the Kulaksiz ‘1’.

Of course, in truth, my being part of the Kulaksiz 5 was only ever tolerated by the other members and quite possibly the advocates too. My contribution to the fees being charged by the advocates was possibly the only reason I was invited to join the case. My questioning the advocates and their strategy was never welcome, although one has to wonder why.

I am aware that I was often kept in the dark about a lot of things that I had the right to know. Asking questions was never encouraged. I did actually predict that I would be the one used as the ‘sacrificial lamb’ and I was right. Almost a self fulfilling prophesy if you will.

Well, it happened and I cannot accept that it was anything other than a set up, designed to save face for Akfinans Bank Limited to placate them.

I have often said, and I still believe that if I had not kept the case so high profile and constantly in the public eye in north Cyprus, the bank would have quietly moved in and taken all the other villas on the site. Of course by constantly being a thorn in the side of Akfinans Bank, I made myself a target and those who have followed the many years of my struggle for justice will know just what I have had to endure and the campaign of hate and intimidation leveled at me.

So here I am, just over 12 years after I bought and paid for my villa and 9 years after I found out that the bank had a charge on my property, securing a loan I had no part in, I am still fighting and now taking that final step of putting my case before the European Court of Human Rights in a final bid for justice.

I cannot believe they will see the taking of a property, legally bought and paid for from an innocent pensioner without any hope of compensation in the courts of the country where it happened, in any way resembles natural justice.

My new journey towards justice is about to begin and that journey will take me from Lefkosa in north Cyprus all the way to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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Pauline Read needs your help today! Pauline’s ECHR case against Turkey – I have been fighting the north Cyprus legal system for 9 years to get my villa, stolen from …

Wish me well.

Pauline Read

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2 comments to Kulaksiz 1 v Akfinans Bank – Introducing ‘Kulaksiz 1’

  • Dominic Freeman

    From what I remember, Pauline was awarded compensation by Akfinans Bank in the form of properties which now it seems they didn’t have the right to dispose of. Why has none of the TRNC legal team focused on this? That’s a rhetorical question, BTW.

  • Polly Marples

    It seems that award is being used as the reason she was thrown out of the case…they just keep compounding their corrupt acts and through a court of law too….disgusting.

    Pauline is quite convinced this has been a done deal..codged up between the K5 advocate and the Bank advocate long ago.

    Hang your heads in shame all involved in stitching up Pauline Read.