Koop Bank Olive Grove Homes Auction on 16th April 2017

Koop Bank Olive Grove Homes Auction on 16th April 2017WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Almost the 11th hour and after years of silence by these victims, we receive this e mail, the identity of the sender is protected. If this is true then you can all see what silence achieves SWEET PHUCK ALL. Do I believe it is possible…of course I do, why wouldn’t I after Kulaksiz 5 suffered the same fate and indeed had the Lower Court judgment confirming that in the opinion of the Judge, similar such mortgages are fraudulent..yet here we go again.

As many of you know Kulaksiz 5 is awaiting the judgment of the High Court, the Appeal against the judgement of lower court having been heard on the 4th October 2016…yes that’s right…now OVER 6 months ago. You may well also ask…why so long in reaching that judgment when the victims of this alleged fraud are so old and have waited so long for justice already? Well it is, and always has been my opinion, that the banks and in the case of Koop Bank which is state owned. and the Government are playing the LONG game and are waiting for ALL the victims to die. Cynical…yes….untrue, you be the judge. Death as a strategy..only in the TRNC.

“You folks published a summary of the Olive Grove site. These folk have been keeping very quiet and trying to find a solution.

About a month ago, board members from Koop bank told them there was no intention of making them suffer because of their dispute with NCP, the builder.

Now Koop have announced the auction of ALL the Olive Grove Homes on 16th April, without even informing the people living there!

Koop loaned money to the builder secured on the Olive Grove homes AFTER the people had bought their homes and moved in.

Now the owners have sent an open letter to the President and Prime Minister asking the government to intervene since it is a government managed bank.

you can see the letter and more info here


You will recall we told you the sage of this set of victims back in 2009, yet here we are in 2017 and nothing has been resolved….I REPEAT….SILENCE IS THE ENEMY…of course they do not want you squealing like a pig whilst they shaft you.

TRNC KOOP BANK seeks to make people homeless

So will this auction take place? There would be less chance if the High Court came up with the decision in the Kulaksiz 5 case and the Lower Court judgment is upheld, in my opinion. If it goes against Kulaksiz 5…God help us all.

Pauline Read

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11 comments to Koop Bank Olive Grove Homes Auction on 16th April 2017

  • fluter

    Oh dear. I’m afraid that this is now the well-established means of robbing people of their homes. They already know what the result of the Kulaksiz 5 case is. Yes, IS, because there is little likelihood of any result being announced, therefore things will just drag on as ever.

    As for writing to the Prime Minister and President, nothing needs to be said.

    What a sad, sad country that is.

  • Polly Marples

    Kulaksiz 5 did all that was humanly possible. Pauline personally went the extra mile and ended in deep shit for her troubles. She even contacted British MP’s and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office…there can be nothing Pauline did not try and still it seems they are about to shaft K5 yet again.

    Where is MNCB in all this? I do remember the leader of that group telling Pauline he could not care less what happens to her…nothing personal there then.

    For goodness sake DO NOT BUY IN CYPRUS…it is bad for your health, wealth and well being.

  • timsmith

    Many home owners under attack from banks in Northern Cyprus quietly hope against hope for reason to prevail. I guess as Pauline says, the lesson to be learned from the Olive Grove senario, is that if you keep quiet and act “professionally” you just become an easy target. I think its time that home owners under attack DO start to make themselves known.

  • timsmith

    Remember – THIS IS A GOVERNMENT MANAGED BANK THAT IS AUCTIONING OFF HOMES THAT PEOPLE HAVE LIVED IN FOR OVER 12 YEARS, WITHOUT NOTIFYING THEM. However the board of the bank less than a month earlier informed the owners there was no intention to hurt them because of their dispute with the builder. Obviously the government believe this will not damage the country. However. I wonder if this means that NORTH CYPRUS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TO INVEST????

  • Polly Marples


    Pauline has fought a long and hard battle almost always with her only ally being her much missed partner AGILE and let’s not forget he acquired that nickname by deftly stepping out of the way of a speeding car being deliberately driven at him, the car being driven by a Turkish Cypriot bank owner. These people will stop at nothing.

    Will the long awaited Appeal judgment come out in favour of the Kulaksiz 5…Pauline thinks not, but the wait could and should be the basis of an court case asking for a delay in the auction being actioned. The circumstances of the mortgages being almost identical and the lower court found them to be fraudulent in the K5 case.

    Confronting her enemy Akfinans Bank Limited has been costly in term of money and health, they have always had the Lapta police in their pocket, they brazenly now live in her villa. Ertug Kader (bank owner), did actually try to involve the Worcester City Police in his intimidation of her, but he found out, they are not for sale and I believe Pauline would love them to charge her with a crime, so she could show the world what is going on in North Cyprus with the publicity such a case would bring in the UK press.

  • Justice

    Yet another scam perpetrated by the people who are bringing the TRNC to its knees whilst feathering their nests at the expense of ex pats from many countries and robbing their locals from a healthy service sector.

    Add this scam to other defrauding operations of many builders, fully supported by uncontrolled banks and aided by unethical solicitors and negligent Government and you have the recipe that robs expats from each country targeted.

    It takes about five years to completely wreck the majority of faith and goodwill of people from each country.
    But they believe there are enough countries to rob before turning full circle and starting again.
    The British fully know and are aware of this and most now advise their friends and family to stay well away from what is becoming a corrupt TRNC!

    Turkey says it will put a stop to it, since it will not be held to answer for TRNC injustices to the ECHR.
    Yet the TRNC Government, State and Municipal organs just stand by and watch, with their representatives presumably taking large brown envelopes to remain silent whilst being fully controlled.

    In summary, the TRNC is behaving like a banana republic …………. how can it be accepted into the EU?
    But then again, so was the ROC and that was in 2004!

    Justice in the TRNC means proper action by the Courts too, if they can get some support from the Government!
    Everyone who can do something is just sitting there watching whilst all this happens and ruins the state.

    So there is a need to continually expose all these issues and name names ……………… starting from now!
    Watch out Builders, Banks and Solicitors, Courts and Government, your time has come.

    Banks currently behaving badly……….AKFINANS, NEB, KOOP and no doubt plenty of others too!

    Don’t let the distraction of a vote for the new Turkish ‘Presidential Constitution’ get in the way of newspapers reporting and the population learning just what is going on in the TRNC!

    The next week is fundamental to saving the property sector from the ravishes of thieves.
    Thieves who will stop the general population from enjoying a real share in the spending conducted by a buoyant holiday ownership and expat pensioner population – a population that will leave the TRNC for good if they continue to suffer abuse.

    TRNC Newspapers, act now before it is too late!!!!!!

    Anyone who has contacts with TRNC newspapers, please forward this on.
    Thank you.

  • Polly Marples


    I applaud your words and can find no fault with anything you say…but you will find that no one will rally to your call.

    If that were going to happen then people like Marion Stokes and Pauline would have received support many years ago…they got very little.

    Marion spent her time giving help free of charge…she was lied to and used by the ‘powers that be’ and they said all the words we all wanted to hear but did not mean a single one of them. Marion is no longer with us and everything she did is just a memory.

    Pauline used a different approach and confronted all who were committing their vile acts. She never bent to their threats and intimidation but even this approach achieved nothing. Akfinans Bank Limited owner Ertug Kader has even attempted to get the British police to intimidate her by reporting her to the Worcester City Police who thankfully were not into the business of being used to do the bank’s dirty work.

    Akfinans mounted a campaign of issuing Libel writs to anyone and everyone who dared to confront them and in doing so effectively silenced the Turkish language press with the exception of Afrika Gazetesi, although Sener did have a writ too. To this day when reporting on the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited case…Cyprus Today do not use the name of the bank. I know they received two writs…maybe more. Pauline had five.

  • Polly Marples


    Pauline Read’s Villa that the bank illegally took and now live in.

  • Justice

    Tim / Polly.

    Is the venue for the auction known, since if so there I believe there may be genuine interest from certain parties to have press and tv present as well as representations against the auction on behalf of British ex pats. Please advise urgently.

  • timsmith

    Credit where credit is due. The Kyrenia Court today showed courage and independence.
    This is a good first step in beginning to restore confidence in the North Cyprus property market.

  • timsmith

    For those who have not heard, the courts stepped in and gave an injunction until 20th April when Koop Bank must decide if they will fight to get the auction reinstated, or allow the injunction to remain in place in the hope that a solution can be found that does not mean throwing families out on the street.