KIB-TEK Cut Off Government Electricity Supply

KIB-TEK Cut Off Government Electricity SupplyHundreds of government offices in north Cyprus have had their electricity supply cut off because they have not paid their electricity bills for five months, according to Cyprus Mail (25/5/2017). This includes schools and health services which have now been without power since Tuesday. The Finance Ministry had also had its power supply cut off but had it restored after paying its bill on Wednesday.

1,177 metres have so far been disconnected, owing KIB-TEK over 9 million Turkish lira (approximately €2.3 million). In line with many financial institutions in the north the monthly interest on the debt is about 465,000 Turkish lira (€120,000). That’s 50%pa interest! At that rate the company would make more money from consumers in debt than it would from selling electricity.

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1 comment to KIB-TEK Cut Off Government Electricity Supply

  • fluter

    And will this also apply to the hotels and other businesses that refuse to pay?