K5 v Akfinans Bank | Was There a 12th October 2015 Appeal?

k5-v-akfinans-bank-was-there-a-12th-october-2015-appealKulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited

Appeal due to be heard on Monday 12th October 2015

Well did it happen…who knows? No one is saying for sure and I am getting mixed messages from those who have kindly tried to find out.

One message is that it was cancelled due to the 3 days of mourning in the TRNC for the dead in the appalling bombing in the Turkish capital Ankara.

One message says it went ahead but was adjourned.

One message says it went ahead.

So what is the truth, guess we will have to wait until the Cyprus Today comes out on Saturday.

Of course, I know Pauline has enquired via her legal representative, but is getting no reply. Nothing new there then.

What can be gained from trying to keep her in the dark? It just confirms what I have known now for a long time.

Buying in TRNC is a huge mistake, trying to get justice is an even bigger one.

Good luck Pauline. You will need it. It seems that having an opinion is forbidden, trying to right the terrible wrong done to you is probably never going to happen. However, I am sure you will keep trying and I am sure those who think it is ‘clever’ to deny you information on the case you have paid to be part of, will one day be punished for their cowardly behaviour. Do they not see how pathetic their actions are?

Pandora S Box

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19 comments to K5 v Akfinans Bank | Was There a 12th October 2015 Appeal?

  • fluter

    “Do they not see how pathetic their actions are?”.

    No, they do not! This is Cypriot logic for you.

    Sad, isn’t it? But it will never change.

  • Polly Marples

    Very sad, very backward and very wrong. The really sad part is many of the other K5 victims collude in it.

  • Miltiades

    Flutter, NOT CYPRIOT !
    Turkish !!

  • fluter

    Oh, so the same doesn’t apply in the South?


    Go boil your head, you dumkopf.

  • Polly Marples

    You are correct fluter…both sides of Cyprus there re the swindlers, fraudstrs and shysters. Not all by any means, but the puchasers on both sides have been put through the wringer.

  • fluter

    The BF doesn’t seem to understand that TCs are Cypriots!

    And he rabbits on about his TC comrades …..

  • Miltiades

    Hey Flukker, the occupied part of Cyprus, stupid, is administered by TURKEY, NOT T/Cs you thicko !

  • fluter

    Yes, a thicko with twice your IQ, bum-brain!

    The article has nothing to do with Turkey. Read it again, We are looking at TC logic.

    Just what is the matter with you? You would try to twist anything for your own stupid ends.

    Why don’t you just sod off and leave intelligent people to discuss matters?

  • fluter

    On second thoughts, why not just go and join the other semi-literate, foul-mouthed children on the Cyprus Forum?

    The only reasonable poster on there seems to be Jerry.

  • Miltiades

    ” Why don’t you just sod off and leave intelligent people to discuss matters? ”
    Intelligent people who purchased stolen properties in the occupid parts of Cyprus. Some …intellect.
    You, Fuuuker were born stupid and you will expire stupid.

    By the way, you will find me on the CY Forum !!

  • fluter

    Yes, I know that. You are even more foul-mouthed on there than you are on here.

    But then that is normal for that forum. You are aware that if you used similar language on here you would not last long.

  • Miltiades

    My toelarnce levels when dealing with half witted dummies are extraordinarily low, do you understand dumbo !

  • fluter

    Let us know when you have grown up sufficiently to take part in civilised discussion, won’t you?

    AT least I know one person who is impressed by your posts – you.

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Yiannis,

    Wasn’t it you who was rubbishing AM about a typo?

    As typos go, “toelarnce” has to be up there with the most ludicrous…..


  • Miltiades

    Hey Clown, AM’s was NOT a typo, he did not know the meaning of the word, on the other hand everyone knows that you are a Chheepskata !!
    Now, baggeeer off to the outback where you crawled out of, you ignorant little man !

  • AM

    Milti stop trying to imagine what is going on in other peoples mind,… you are not really that clever ?

    Take a bit of advice sh8t for brains and spend your retirement playing bowls and going to the old folks afternoon club,…keep the blood pressure down you old fool.

  • Miltiades

    Hey Stupid, how many ruddy times do I have to tell you. Take your computer back to where you ….stole it from and demand a refund on the grounds that you are far too senile to own one !!!

  • AM

    Haha 🙂 what a plank.

  • fluter

    And to think the other day I stood up for him, and against strong opposition!