K5 v Akfinans Bank | The Bank Owes Pauline Rent Arrears

K5 v Akfinans Bank | The Bank Owes Pauline Rent ArrearsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

I wonder if Sebnem Guner Kader and her father Mustafa Guner ever saw this email sent to AKFINANS BANK LIMITED way back in July 2011?

I wonder if it would have made any difference to Mustafa Guner when he allowed my villa to be put into his name by his then son-in-law?

I doubt it, judging by the callous way the allegedly former Mrs Ertug Kader is using the photo of her standing in my driveway with her children as her cover photo on her facebook page.

“TO: The Directors and Owners of Akfinans Bank Limited


Re: 5 Demokrasi Sokak, Karsiyaka

This is to inform you that I believe your occupation of my villa at the above address to be both illegal and immoral.

The means by which you achieved possession on the 30th July 2010, i.e. forcible entry, the changing of the locks and the isolation of the electrical supply whilst the villa was secured and still in my possession, is in my opinion and the opinion of my Advocate a criminal act. As indeed was the vehicular incident that followed. Due process of law was available to you but you chose to ignore this legal and accepted route.

I did make an official complaint to Lapta Police on the night of the incident and gave an official statement on the 3rd August 2010 but as yet some 11 months and 29 days later; the police have failed to report back to me.

Until I receive legal notice to hand over my property from the Court or the money awarded to me by the Court, I consider 5 Demokrasi Sokak to be my legal possession.

Any money you have spent on my villa has been entirely without my permission and you have no legal redress in recovering this money from me. The moving in of furniture and the weekend occupation of my villa is also without my permission, and as such could constitute trespass as I have no rental agreement with you.

I consider this behaviour entirely inappropriate by a Bank charged with the Stewardship of account holders’ money and any loss of confidence your Bank suffers as a result of such behaviour is entirely self-inflicted.

I ask you to vacate my villa immediately and pursue the normal and accepted legal route to obtain vacant possession.

Pauline Read
1st July 2011″

Arrears in rent is now £36,000 plus late payment interest at say 250%, Lets just round it off at £126,000…Oops that is more than the villa owes me. I should be working for Akfinans Bank Limited, they would love to have someone who thinks like them in their employ.

With having achieved possession of my villa by illegal means, I wonder how they recently persuaded a court to issue an order ‘banning’ me from going near my villa….rhetorical question.


9 months on and Kulakszi 5 are still waiting for the Appeal date….and waiting….and waiting…and waiting….and waiting……………..

Pauline Read

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