K5 v Akfinans Bank | Only a Battle Has Been Won Not the War

the war is not wonWITHOUT PREJUDICE

The news of the land mark victory Kulaksiz 5 won at the District Court is now receiving the sort of publicity such a verdict deserves, but we must be mindful of the fact that this decision by Judge Usar is not the final verdict.

Due process, quite rightly allows for the loser in any such case to appeal against the verdict. Akfinans, according to some sources, will exercise that right. I cannot blame them since had the verdict gone the other way, the K5 would most certainly have lodged an appeal. It would be nice if the old people, of whom I am one, were spared this further ordeal but it seems we will not be.

Whilst sometimes I despaired of the extraordinary lengths to which the bank went to gain possession of the K5 homes, I now believe it is time for the red mist to disperse and there to be a period of calm reflection. Time to mend fences and to proceed forward in a less confrontational manner. I never thought to be writing words in this manner but, as a Christian, I know I have to forgive and I do forgive.

As I have said, there is so much coverage of the decision that I think now the press feel the gag has been loosened and they are able to report events in a less cautious manner.

Here is one more coverage of the landmark decision of Thursday 4th December 2014.¹ You see they refer to the decision as a PRECEDENT and this is exactly what it is. It gives hope to all who have found a mortgage or memorandum on their property they had no knowledge of.


¹  http://www.diyaloggazetesi.com/kibris/emsal-teskil-ediyor-h17884.html

Pauline Rea

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