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K5 v Akfinans Bank - Keep This Issue in the Public EyeWITHOUT PREJUDICE

More coverage¹ for the Kulaksiz 5 decision coming out of Kyrenia Court. If the Appeal court too finds in favour of Kulaksiz 5, then a very important precedent will have been set.

We all know that today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper, so it is important to keep it on the front burner and in the public eye for as long as possible.

I have been criticised by many for my outspoken condemnation of what happened on the K5 site but I firmly believe my contribution was positive and that had this case been other than high profile, the situation today could be very different. I have never lied.

There are those who said K5 would lose because of me, those who thought keeping their mouths shut and their heads down was the way to go. I never believed that and I still do not.

I have not, nor will I ever reveal the K5 strategy in their case, but will not stay silent and pretend this injustice has not happened. If and when the Appeal court rule in our favour, we still have a huge mountain to climb to see some sort of recompense for our six plus years of stress and suffering both physically and financially.

At the moment, the judge has ordered that the properties revert back to the situation they were at prior to the alleged illegal mortgage and auction. This means that the parcelisation and issuing of separate Kocans by the bank is null and void and that the two Kocans in the name of the owner are reinstated. In other words, the six years that have elapsed when the real owners could have taken title and got on with their lives, have been wasted.

Of course during this time the bank have transferred my villa, which they weekend in, into the name of Mustafa Guner on Kocan 8451. This was the situation on the 3rd October 2012, let us hope it has not subsequently changed hands again.

Since the Judge has decreed that the mortgage and auction were fraudulent, one assumes so was this transfer. Interestingly Mr Guner appears on the Onay Belgesie as one of the Bank’s Directors at the same time Mr Ersin Tatar (former Finance Minister) was also a Director of the Bank.

Never give in never give up.


¹ http://cyprusobserver.net/2014/12/09/kaluksiz-5-property-owners-receive-great-news/

Pauline Read

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