K5 v Akfinans Bank | Bank Behaving ‘As Expected’


Following our attempt to hold ‘Mike’s move in party’ at my villa on 1st April 2015, which incidentally, we never expected to be successful, but always expected to get the attention of the bank, I decided to send the following message to the wife of the guy who allegedly has my villa in his name….on paper.

Of course we knew the bank would over react, and they did not disappoint. Two new cameras, a watchman and back up, the police. The police, well the least said soonest mended.

Suffice to say, that the inevitable trip to police station was useful as far as intelligence gathering was concerned, but as is often the case, it provided some answers, which in turn, threw up more questions.

Q Why did the courts issue a Banning order and who, asked for this order. There are three possibilities.

1. Musafa Guner?
2. Yuksel Yilmaz
3. Akfinans Bank Limted.

Q. Why were the police telling us that the bank told them they had permission from the landowner to live in my villa? I am told the Kocan for my villa is in the name of the father in law of Ertug Kader, this status ordered to be changed by the judgement of the 4th December 2014 but delayed by ‘a stay of execution order’ until the Appeal has been heard.

To say the whole situation is ‘fishy’ is an understatement.

Had we been serious about Mike moving in, we certainly would not have given the event the coverage we did. 1st April was the first clue….ALL FOOLS DAY…but, we were never joking about the fact that we would be there at the villa on the 1st April. We just knew it would be a joke to expect to actually gain access, for the bank to behave well.

[Editor: Video no longer works!]

You will recall all our attempts to contact Mustafa Guner, who although we knew he had connections with the bank family, we did not know just how close they were. We know now, thanks to the party, although my ‘intelligence’ tells me that those connections might soon be ‘not so close’.

Personally I had not realised how anti our little prank some of my neighbours were. I know now.

I never had any photos of the Kader family. I do now.

In an attempt to appeal to the better nature of Mr Guner, I have sent the following message to Mrs Guner via facebook. A woman to woman appeal, if you will.

” Merhaba benim adım Paulin Read dir. Arkadaşım ****** ******* dediğine gore kocanız villamı kızınız icin Akfinans Bank Limited den satın aldı. Bu evi ben hayatım boyunca artırdıgım para ile satın aldım. Banka evimi benden haksizlik yaparak aldı. Villamı ya geri alamak veya benden satın almanızı rica ederim. Arkadasım ****** bana bunu yapabilmek icin yardım ediyor. Sizin de yardımınıza ihtiyacım var. Lűtfen bana yardım edin.
Saygılar Pauline Read”

Translates to:

“My name is Pauline Read. I understand from my good friend ****** ******* that your husband bought my villa from Akfinans Bank Limited for your daughter ******.
Naturally I am upset as I had used my life’s savings to buy this and to find it ‘taken’ from me in this way is heartless.
I would like my villa back or adequate compensation. My friend ****** is helping me to achieve this.
Can I ask that you help me too.
Kind regards
Pauline Read”

I have deleted the name of our mutual friend, out of respect for my friend. He was keen that I telephone, but I have no idea how much like the family their daughter married into they are and a telephone conversation could be reported “incorrectly,” so I would not take that risk. Of course the names are in the original sent to Mrs Guner.

The reason I am publicising this attempt to make contact is because, I am not a friend of Ertug Kader’s mother in law and so the message goes into her ‘other message folder’. She has not seen this message yet and it may be she does not look in this folder. I am hoping a friend of hers will read this and tell her there is a message there. The message was sent three days ago.

Let us see that happens.

Pauline Read

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63 comments to K5 v Akfinans Bank | Bank Behaving ‘As Expected’

  • Polly Marples

    DVD is working.

  • Miltiades

    “to find it ‘taken’ from me in this way is heartless.”
    Snap !!! So do the thousands of indigenous G/Cs who had theirs stolen by the barbaric Turkish army ”

    Of course you couldn’t give a toss about them, could you old girl, It serves you friggggging right !!

  • Polly Marples

    Sod off you silly man. Clearly not for you and who would want your ancestral shite house.

  • Miltiades

    You ignorant lowdown peasants, you couldn’t afford anywhere else you cheapskates so you opted for stolen properties on the cheap.

    Back in the UK you couldn’t even afford toilet paper you ….holes !

    Now drown in the shhiiite you let your selves in, and it serves you right, peasants !!

  • AM

    You know, I think this Greek bloke has something against honest law abiding Brits who live in TRNC ?
    Whatever is the matter with him.. 🙂

  • Miltiades

    This ….Greek bloke ???
    You mean Greek Cypriot .

    Everyone knows how intensely I loathe those who have bought stolen properties in the occupied parts of Cyprus. Had the Germans invaded the UK and occupied the northern or any other parts of the UK, you too would have loathed foreigners who would rush in and buy stolen properties.
    The so called “trnc” is an integral part of Cyprus under Turkish occupation.
    Have I made my self clear ?

  • fluter

    “You know, I think this Greek bloke has something against honest law abiding Brits who live in TRNC ?
    Whatever is the matter with him”.

    The hero of Marathon still doesn’t understand that the sole reason he is still on this board is his entertainment value.

    Anyway, I doubt he had any land here at all.

    I love the way he hurls childish abuse at people, then has the nerve to call them “unintelligent” and ignorant. He is unable to take part in intelligent debate because of his lack of IQ. Typical GC approach.

  • Jerry

    “Law abiding Brits living in the trnc” – my arse. It’s a contradiction in terms since the “trnc” and its ill-defined laws are not recognised by the international community, you are pirates who thought you had found Treasure Island and ended up with Devils Island.

    Milti, you are far too polite, they were too thick to realise they were “buying” stolen property when they saw the bargains falling off the back of a lorry in Cyprus. having discovered the truth about their acquisitions they are now too embarrassed to confess their sins, they simply spout the tired claims of Turkey that the Turkish Cypriots minority had to be “saved” from the wicked majority. They conveniently forget the duplicity of crooks like Denktash, Zorlu and Menderes. They cling to the easy to understand notion that the minority must be the only victims and the majority deserved all they got.

    They are the scum of the earth feeding off the misfortune of others. They lash out when they are dispossessed of their illegally held gains whilst ignoring the fact that many more Cypriots were forcibly kicked out of their ancestral homes.

  • Miltiades

    Flutter, let me first correct you. Im not only concerned about my family’s land and property, in case it has escaped your notice, more than 160,000 of my compatriots had their lands stolen by the barbarians, the cheapskates on seing a bargain rushed in to purchase. My contempt for them is well known.

    By the way, this “board” that tolerates me has an official name as the ncFREE press. I express my disdain directed at the low down cheapskates and have no remorse what so ever.

  • AM

    And there we have it again,. not one hint or addmission of any wrong doing on the part of the GC.
    And what’s more if the acts of 74 and onwards are so abhorent then surely the wider world would have done something about it by know wouldn’t you think ?

  • fluter

    Disdain? No, just infantile bilge from an immature brain and personality.

  • Polly Marples

    North Cyprus Free Press….coming to you from the Free North of Cypru

    Well it seems that almost an equal number of people have had their money stolen and no deeds to the property they purchased in..now where is it…oh yes ROC, no ethinic conflict involved, just plain greed and fraud. Now what can their excuse be?

  • Polly Marples


    North and South….tarred with the same bursh.

  • Miltiades

    Fluter, care to back up with FACTS your stupid comments.
    Well, here are some irrefutable FACTS.
    Prior to the ” independece” of Cyprus following the Zurich agreements the polpulation split of Cyprus was:
    77% G/Cs 18% T/Cs.

    The British, orchestrators of the ZA deviced a …. brilliant …democratic governance for the people of Cyprus.
    The G/C majority was given 70% of parliament seats, fair enough where as the 18% T/C minority were given 30% of PS. Fair enough, but the T/C minority of 18% were also given the right to VETO any decisions taken by the majority, effectively and according to the British policy of D&R neither the majority nor the minority could pass through any legislation since the majority would oppose legistlation proposed by the minority and vv.

    In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus causing the death of more than 5000 and the displacement of more than 160,000. FACT.

    You lot come along, mostly ex- council estate low down peasants, readily recognize the pseudo state, purchase stolen properties, and give your full support to the occupier of a part of my country. Do you now see why I detest the lot of you ?

  • fluter

    And where did you cut-and-paste that from?

    Your last sentence shows you up for what you are.

    Again, you are only tolerated on here because you are basically harmless, despite your invective, and you are quite amusing to most of us.

    For example, you once called me a liar on here for no valid reason, but no action was taken, whereas on another forum you would have been warned, if not banned.

    And you still forget that some of us, me included, were in Cyprus before and after independence, so your nonsense about what it was like then holds no water with us.

  • Polly Marples

    I see Mutley wants to play and no one can be bothered. I do understand, perhaps we should club together and buy him a new ball, perhaps even a air?

  • Ian Edwards

    Jerry, your disparaging spin about the “tired claims of Turkey” doesn’t make them any less correct, and no amount of your famous spin can alter the fact that the GC majority DID behave wickedly towards the TC minority. This is why world opinion has turned away from the “poor GC victims” story and is now considering the Cyprob in a different light.

    I’m sure you agree with Yiannis’ boringly repetitive claims that as the GCs were in the majority they had every right to treat the TCs as they chose. But tell me this, Jerry:

    What do you reckon would be the result of a vote between two wolves and a sheep about what to have for dinner?

  • Jerry

    Your usual boring “spin” drivel IE. The Greek Cypriots may be the majority on the island but in the centuries old Greek/ Turkish conflict the Greeks were, and still are, a minority. Apply your reasoning to that.

    Read and try and comprehend this:- http://www.cyprus-conflict.net/zorlu_in_london.html

  • Ian Edwards

    Sorry Jerry but I thought we were discussing, in Yiannis’ words, the democratic governance of the people of Cyprus. How can you claim, with a straight face, that “the Greeks were, and still are, a minority”?

    I guess they are if you compare them to the population of Turkey, Jerry, but that’s so far off topic it’s invisible. My reasoning tells me that we were discussing Cyprus.

    Just another red herring from the Master of Spin?

  • Jerry

    IE you clearly demonstrate your complete ignorance of the Cyprus/Turkey/ Greece problem and its roots. Why the hell do you think Greece and Turkey were dragged into the Cyprus mess in 1960?

  • Miltiades

    It makes not the slightest differnce what facts one presents to these lowdown cheapskates. Afterall they have a vested interest in supporting the Turkish occupier of our northern parts. They were born peasants and they will expire as peasants.

    Cheap ignorant PEASANTS they will always be.

  • Polly Marples

    It makes not the slightest differnce what facts one presents to these lowdown patriots. Afterall they have a vested interest in supporting the ROC fraudsters.

    They were born peasants and they will expire as peasants. They will continue to ignore their own crimes against ex pats which number above the hundred thousand mark and they have no excuse. They are just crooks.

    Cheap ignorant PEASANTS they will always be.

  • Ian Edwards

    Jerry, let me ask you one simple question concerning “the Cyprus/Turkey/Greece problem and its roots”:

    After 1960, did the GCs treat the TCs fairly?

    Or not?

  • Jerry

    IE. Here’s a question for you, did Britain treat the Cypriots fairly when it failed to grant Cyprus majority rule – unlike ALL other colonies.

    Would you treat the other side fairly if you felt cheated by the agreement you were forced to sign? How would you feel if you knew the 18% minority, with the help of the regional power, still sought partition? Read and understand the link I posted – Turkey wanted the island back when the British left, the Turkish Cypriots had sided with the colonial enemy, as far as the majority were concerned they were the enemy within – Turkey’s foot in the door.

    People like you start with the events of 1960 – 63 but you conveniently ignore what happened before and elsewhere in the region. I have posted you links before regarding events leading up to 1963 but you choose to ignore them and simply spout the usual carpetbaggers line that ” you were nasty to the poor TC minority – you deserve all you got”

    Understand this, the Turkish Cypriots were “top dogs” in Cyprus 1955 – 60 because of their position as British auxiliary police. Denktash was a prosecutor for the colonial power, Greek Cypriots were hanged through his efforts. The Zurich agreement was bound to fail like the Annan Plan (unwisely generous to the Turks according to Hannay). Unfairly it effectively gave both sides equal status in government; it was regarded by both as an interim measure.

    With this in mind why are you surprised at the inter-communal conflict post 1960? Why are you surprised that, outnumbered 4 to 1 the Turkish Cypriots got the worst of it?

  • AM

    Jerry, its rude to answer a question with a question but we expect no less for you lot ?.

    Would you treat the other side fairly if you felt cheated by the agreement you were forced to sign?
    You were not forced to sign anything,… you agreed to sign it and more so just because you had a gripe with the Brits why does that give you licence to pick a fight with the TC’s ?

    Understand this, the Turkish Cypriots were “top dogs” in Cyprus 1955 – 60 because of their position as British auxiliary police.
    What utter bullshit,.. the only reason the TC’s felt better about thier lot is because they had protection from you lot from the Brits and that sticks in your craw.

    With this in mind why are you surprised at the inter-communal conflict post 1960?
    Because you muppet you kicked them out of government by 63 ?
    Answer the question already put about your treatment of the GC’s instead of swerving it.

  • Ian Edwards

    Jerry, it was a simple question I asked you, but evidently it was too difficult to answer. Which I guess is why you completely avoided it.

    And is anyone surprised?

  • Jerry

    Here’s some “spin” for you IE, this is how Turkish politicians operate – threats and bullying when they don’t get their own way.

    “Bozkır addressed the EU officials and said: “Show some respect, open the doors [of Europe to Turkish citizens] from now on; otherwise, I may get angry and close the doors to you.”……. ”

    “He claimed that these powers are putting barricades in front of Turkey and trying to take Turkey down, but Turkey is like a heavyweight boxer who can take its opponent down with one punch if that opponent becomes too annoying……”


  • Ian Edwards

    Jerry, the more you carry on avoiding that question, the less credibility you have.

    Right now you’re running pretty close to empty….

  • Miltiades

    AM, the ” village idiot” ought to give his computer back and claim a full refund on the grounds of absolute stupidity. As for the rest of you ignorant peasants I have this to say.
    Clear off MY country, go back to the shitholes you crawled out of.
    I wouldn’t let any of you lick my British made boots or my Cypriot made a…
    What a load of lowdown cheap, good for nothing peasants you all are!
    On your bikes, or in Ian’s case, on your kangaroo !!!

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Yiannis,

    My fig trees are loaded with fruit, my grapefruit tree is drooping heavily with blood red grapefruit, and my orange tree is laden.

    And all my bougainvillia are flowering beautifully.

    As is my jacaranda….

  • AM

    If we are going to talk about getting out of anybodys country perhaps you may consider pissing off out of mine.
    But then again you are more of a Brit than a Cypriot as you abandoned your country many many years ago.
    You are just a bitter and very twisted hypocrite.

    Now run along you sad old git.

  • Jerry

    You lot really are thick aren’t you I answered your question but you are too stupid to see it and I gave reasons for the treatment of Turkish Cypriots post 1960.

    AM Rude yourself, it’s more than rude to steal someones property, it’s you who is full of bullshit. I remember Cyprus very well in the late 50s – you plainly don’t.

    My God AM you are an ignorant person. The Greek Cypriots were told in no uncertain terms by Duncan Sandys “sign or face partition”. I’d give you the link but you probably wouldn’t bother to read it. There is also another rumour/legend/tale that Makarios was blackmailed by MI6 into signing because of his sexuality, I neither know nor care if it was true.

    Get this in your thick heads – it didn’t start in 1963 and its roots were not on the island

    You have this idea that only the Greek Cypriots were responsible for the troubles, if you really want to learn about Cyprus and its problems spend a few hours studying http://www.cyprus-conflict.net it will take you beyond your obsession with 1963. It includes the opinions and reports from all sides involved it may even help you validate some of your arguments.

  • AM

    How many times do i have to tell you and the other muppet i do not or ever have owned property in Cyprus either North or South.

    I would be stupid to go near Cyprus as an investor that is the reason i have and will carry on keeping well away from it.

    Now start to think with more sense and come and discuss a sensible end to this madness.

  • Jerry

    Typical of you AM, you only read what you want to, my reference was to anyone who acquires stolen property. A sensible discussion with a bigot like you? Be serious will you.

  • Miltiades

    It is a historic fact that more than 25,000 Greek Cypriots ( MY FATHER AMONGST THEM ) have fought along with the allied forces against Nazi Germany and many died along with more than a million Greeks during the second world war so the west could enjoy its freedom today. Churchill was telling the Greeks that the Heroes fight like Greeks and promising that Cyprus was going to be united with Greece, big words and empty promises indeed . Turkey was allied with Nazi Germany in the fist world war and neutral in the second , but Greece and Greek Cypriots fought and died fighting Nazi Germany . In late December of 1954 after so many refused petitions by the Greek Cypriots to the British Colonists for freedom or self determination failed and ignored ,when the Cyprus self determination was the issue was at the UN platform , Britain drummed up support and pressured many counties to vote against the Cyprus issue at the UN, and the aspirations of the Greek Cypriots to get their freedom were defeated once more. After having no other choice for their freedom, the Greek Cypriots struggled against the British colonial rulers 1955/1959 . During these difficult years, the British hired more than twenty five thousand Turkish Cypriot manly labourers Auxiliary men armed and trained them to disperse the so many demonstrations taking place by the Greek Cypriots for freedom and union of Cyprus with Greece . There many facts publish under the information act which tell us about the criminal actions of the British Major Ted Macey, who demonstrated weapons and trained the Turkish Cypriots to fight against the Greek Cypriots, this is how the British Colonists and murky role in Cyprus , seeded the hatred and rooted the seeds of division between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots in order to divide the Island of Aphrodite. The role of the British never changed much,since the British imposed the 1959 Zurich and London “agreements” the division of Cyprus was inevitable unfortunately the Greeks and Greek Cypriots got the wrong bashing and the British are always in favour of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots till today , after all what are allies for.

  • AM

    a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

    Me a bigot ??….. I would suggest this term is more akin you two muppets as you are totally intolerant to ANYONE who has a different view or opinion than yours!.

  • Polly Marples

    Correct AM

  • Jerry

    Not intolerant AM, simply pointing out how wrong you are to only blame Greek Cypriots for the current mess and trying to educate you by referring to independent sources of information – which you totally ignore or refute.

  • Miltiades

    Roman Cyprus was visited by the Apostles Paul, Barnabas and St. Mark, who came to the island at the beginning of their first missionary journey in 45 AD, according to Christian tradition, converting the people of Cyprus to Christianity and founding the Church of Cyprus, After their arrival in Salamis, they proceeded to Paphos where they converted the Roman governor Sergius Paulus to Christ. In the New Testament book of Acts of the Apostles, author St. Luke describes how a Jewish magician named Bar-Jesus (Elymas) was obstructing the Apostles in their preaching of the Gospel. Paul rebuked him, announcing that he would temporarily become blind due to God’s judgment. Paul’s prediction immediately came true. As a result of this, Sergius Paulus became a believer, being astonished at the teaching of the Lord. In this way, Cyprus became the first country in the world to be governed by a Christian ruler.

    Paul is credited with underpinning claims for ecclesiastical independence from Antioch. At least three Cypriot bishops (the sees of Salamis, Tremithus, and Paphos) took part in the First Council of Nicaea in 325, and twelve Cypriot bishops were present at the Council of Sardica in 344. Early Cypriot Saints include: St. Heracleidius, St. Spiridon, St. Hilarion and St. Epiphanius.

    Several earthquakes led to the destruction of Salamis at the beginning of the 4th century, at the same time drought and famine hit the island.

    In 431 AD, the Church of Cyprus achieved its independence from the Patriarch of Antioch at the First Council of Ephesus. Emperor Zeno granted the archbishop of Cyprus the right to carry a sceptre instead of a pastoral staff.

  • Ian Edwards

    You know, Jerry, I’ve been reading these posts for quite a long time now, but nowhere have I ever seen anything from anyone on this side of the line who has claimed that the GCs were ONLY to blame.

    What most of us take exception to is the continued campaign of spin and denial carried out by Greeks and GCs over the past 40 years in an attempt to win public sympathy.

    Which is why I asked you whether you thought that the GCs treated the TCs shamefully unfairly, and which you have still failed to answer. You can continue to ignore, avoid and backpedal as you wish, but that question really only requires a simple, unobfuscated yes or no.

    But I think hell would freeze over before any of your guys will ever admit to something that is a plain and now obvious fact. All we will continue to get from you is that big, bad Turkey is to blame for all the nastiness that has occurred since 1960.

  • Jerry

    Wrong IE, I keep telling you IT STARTED BEFORE 1960. What happened to the minority was a consequence of an ill-conceived and unique constitution imposed by Britain.

    READ THE BLOODY LINK I POSTED, http://www.cyprus-conflict.org ALL OF IT. It’s not spin it’s documented fact.

    I’m done with you.

  • Miltiades

    This complete and utter Australian peasant keeps on about the same issue time and time again. I will answer you you ignorant cheapskate.

    Both communities committed vile acts against each other spurned on by extremists who considered themselves not as Cypriots but as Greeks and Turks. There were no angels you stupid man.

    The minorities in every country always suffer the most just as the Christians in Kenya, Pakistan and other nations with predominant muslim population.

    Cyprus has been a Christian nation for hundreds and hundreds of years. Just imagine if the T/Cs were the majority !!!
    Wake up you Aussie CLOWN !

  • AM

    The Sunday Times article from 1977 is a really graphic piece of journalism explaining in great detail of how barbaric the Turkish Army were at that time ?

    Again not one suggestion of any wrong doing by the other side,… very balanced indeed….not.

  • Miltiades

    AM, don’t be such a naïve peasant. Is there any logical reason as to why you think the Turkish invading army would behave any different from their cousins out in Syria, Iraq, Yemen or any other of their fellow barbarians ?

  • AM

    Just face up to the fact that because of the GC shenanigans you have lost the Northern third of the island.
    I will never be returned to what it was EVER…. so get over it bone head.

  • Miltiades

    So says the village idiot !
    The balance of power is slowly changing. Many conquerors have come and gone, Turkey will also go, in time.

    The entire ME region is slowly moving towards self destruction, the muslim world is in a turmoil, Turkey no longer is considered by the West as an important ally. Cyprus has a history stretching back thousands of years, a Christian history going back to the very start of Christianity. Although a non believer I take pride in the fact that Christianity tolerates non believers and does not issue death sentences to those born Christians who express views in complete antithesis to those of the church.

    Cyprus will be united one day, and the Cypriot people will again live in peace and harmony with each other.

  • AM

    The days of marauding around the world taking over other countries is long gone Milti, stop these unfounded shall we say fantasies you seem to harbour.
    Yes I agree there will be a settlement at some point but not the one your not so inventive “rusty brain cell” thinks.

    Peace and harmony ?…. Have you been to your homeland over the last 40 yrs,..peace and harmony prevails everywhere on the Island, it’s only old decrepit fools like you who only live in the past that think and hope something will change,
    Get a life before it’s too late old man.

  • Miltiades

    “The days of marauding around the world taking over other countries is long gone ”

    You took the words out of my mouth. Turkey can not continue occupying a part of a small nation.

  • AM

    Turkey obviously feels the need to keep an eye on you lot and quite right too .

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”propaganda”]How about Turkey allowing its 20 million Kurds their own state in Turkey, you stupid man.
    Who needs a third world Islamic nation as a …guarantor!!

    It took them 3 months to decide if their women folk should or should not cover their heads !!

    “40 percent in Turkey support killing American troops in Iraq. And yet America is pushing for its “ally” Turkey to be let into the EU. “[/shush]

  • AM

    40% want to kill Americans ?…. Link please

  • Miltiades

    Start of with this, learn something and then I will provide numerous links.

  • Miltiades

    A nation to be proud of”
    These are the elites of Turkey

    A survey carried out among university students on honour killings showed that in two universities around 30 percent of students thought such crimes were normal. In other universities the rate ranged from 3 to 19 percent.[24][25]

    October 2006

    A June 2008 report by Turkey’s Human Rights Directorate says that in Istanbul alone, there is one honour killing every week and over 1,000 were killed during the last five years.[16]

    And you stupid moron want these barbarians to our …guarantors !!

  • AM

    What would you like me to learn Milti?… that at no point in that article does it say 40% of Turks want to kill Americans and more interesting is that 85% of Turks denounce Islamic State and Al-Queda which flies in the face of your inane rantings over on CF.

    You really are an Idiot arn’t you Milti.

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”propaganda”]Read my post again stupid.
    Here it is along with a link
    Survey of Muslim world, Feb 2009 has all sorts of horrible stats: ◦ 76 percent of Pakistanis want strict sharia in every Islamic country.
    ◦ 76 percent of Moroccans want strict sharia in every Islamic country.
    ◦ 90 percent of Palestinians support killing American troops in Iraq. And yet America is giving the Palestinians $1 billion in aid!
    ◦ 83 percent of Egyptians support killing American troops in Iraq. And yet America gives Egypt $2 billion in aid every year!
    ◦ 68 percent of Moroccans support killing American troops in Iraq.
    ◦ 40 percent in Turkey support killing American troops in Iraq. And yet America is pushing for its “ally” Turkey to be let into the EU.

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”propaganda”]“’ISIS Sees Turkey as Its Ally’: Former Islamic State Member Reveals Turkish Army Cooperation”
    One barbarian supporting another !![/shush]

  • AM

    Im sorry but you have lost the plot old fella.
    Its the weekend and too much red plonk i think?

  • AM

    Incidentally do you class the Germans as barbarians ?

  • Miltiades

    I will let you decide on Germany.

    Here are some antonyms of a barbarian.

  • Polly Marples

    Living in the past….good because we don’t want bigots here.

  • AM

    Milti, I know exactly what a barbarian is would you please answer the question i put to you are are you too stupid to debate?.

    You should be on the campaign trail with British politician’s you don’t half speak some crap!

  • Jerry

    Off topic but an authoritative source to enlighten you: –

    (Page 468) Telegram From the Embassy in Cyprus to the Department of State1

    Nicosia, August 25, 1974, 1300Z.

    2622. Subj: Turkish Intentions on Cyprus.

    1. Turkish actions on ground, and statements by officials both here and in Ankara, have reinforced our initial impression that Turkish Army intervened to protect the security of mainland and not assist local community, except insofar as this relates to primary purpose. Best indication this regard is total write off of enclaves located in southern half of island. Despite repeated radio requests for aid, so far as we aware, Turks made no effort reinforce or resupply these areas. Turk mainland Commander in Larnaca, who exfiltrated in civilian dress via Dhekelia, reportedly told British that his instructions were to offer token resistance before surrendering. Said he had ample ammo and weapons to have continued fight for extended period. (This info, which contradicts accounts put out by Turk Cypriot leaders, largely confirmed by UNFICYP observation.)

    2. Thus, while Turks had force to occupy entire island, and di- vide it up as they wished, they carefully limited operation to grabbing. sufficient territory to insure that they would be in predominant posi- tion to dictate future status of an independent Cyprus. As we read their intentions, Turkey wants a federal (confederal) state and has little or no interest in creation of an independent Turk Cypriot mini-state or move towards double enosis.

    3. Either of latter two courses would run contrary to basic reason for intervention since, by implication, they would open the door to introduction of substantial Greek mainland forces onto island. This would place Turkey in position of having southern ports (and heartland cities) again endangered or of going to war to take entire island, destroying island’s quasi-independence, and facing prospect of pro- tracted guerilla struggle.

    http://2001-2009.state.gov/documents/or … /96606.pdf

  • Jerry

    correct link: –