K5 v Akfinans Bank | Back to Where We Were

K5 v Akfinans Bank | Back to Where We WereWITHOUT PREJUDICE

You could very well argue that had the TRNC legal system really been modeled on the British system, then the interim injunction that took six asks to be granted would not have been necessary, since no one would dream of taking any action involving the K5 properties, until the final outcome of the legal action was known.

You could also argue that the inordinate amount of time taken to grant the Interim Injunction is the reason the bank had so much time to do there ‘worst’.

However, the bank went ahead and parcelised the properties, put them into their names and went one step further with my property and transferred it into the name of their former Director Mustaf Guner.

There must therefore exist a Contract of Sale between the Bank and Mr Guner, stamp duty paid on the Contract and Transfer fees paid to the relevant Government Department….wouldn’t there?

It would be interesting to follow the paper trail with regard to this transfer because one cannot transfer property that has a loan recorded against it. Also, if people were strategically transferring property, each transfer incurs a fee of 3%/6% of the property valuation to be paid before transfer can be completed. It would also be interesting to see what valuation was put on my property, if indeed the transfer took place.

Had the bank not jumped the gun, they would not have wasted all the money they have spent on the site either. If the Appeal Court upholds the decision made by Judge Usar on the 4th December 2014, I am trusting that my legal representative will request that the High Court Judges order that I be included in the order to have all the properties put back into the name of the landowner, to include mine.

This is the situation the bank created with the co-operation of the Tapu.

Plot Numbers now at Kulaksiz 5 – As notified on the 3rd October 2012

  • Davaci 1 and 2 Robert Alan and Janet Blanche French 8450 7 Demokrasi Sokak
  • Davaci 3 and 4 Philomena Anne and Hedley Watkins-Jones 8455 5 Katip Sokak
  • Davaci 5 and 6 Anthony James and Irene Elizabeth Barker 8449 9 Demokrasi Sokak
  • Davici 7 Eva Madeleine McCluskey 8454 8 Demokrasi Sokak
  • Davici 8 and 9 David and Marion Audrey Wilson 8457 2 Demokrasi Sokak
  • Davici 10 and 11 David Andrew Trainer and Rachelle Jean Bookatz 8459 6 Demokrasi Sokak
  • Davici 13 and 14 Brian and Margaret Freeman 8456 3 Katip Sokak
  • Davici 15 Christine Arline Beveridge Barclay 8458 4 Demokrasi Sokak
  • Davici 12 Pauine Ann Read – now in the name of Mustafa GUNER 8451 5 Demokrasi Sokak
  • Jel and Jo Clarke already paid for 8448 11 Demokrasi Sokak
  • PINK HOUSE occupiers name unknown 8462

Remember all these were on 7763 and 7739 and the Judge has ordered that this should be reinstated and the ones put in by Akfinans Bank Limited should be cancelled as the mortgages were fraudulent.

How then can mine be left and the bank and Mr Guner allegedly profit from crime?

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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  • Polly Marples

    Of course all these Kocans with the exception of mine were put into the name of the Bank.