Greatstone Property Purchasers in Lapta Given Notice To Quit


I have just received an email from yet another victim of the evil that is the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption) property market.

Pandora S Box wrote yesterday of the antiquated legal system whereby purchasers rights are ignored in favour of endemic citizen’s rights. Certainly in any civilised society it would be recognised that natural justice is not being served.

The email was from a purchaser of a Greatstone property in Lapta. The email confirmed that:

‘Kursat won the day again and all the Buyers that live there, and those that don’t, have been given notice to quit. Gunesh Mentesh had no fight in him at all.’

Interesting….Kursat acts for Akfinans Bank Limited against Kulaksiz 5. The Gunesh Mentesh mentioned is the advocate acting for the purchasers who once acted for the Kulaksiz 5 in the early days and was replaced by their now legal team. Gunesh Mentesh also acted for the Orams, and we all know what happened there.

Even more interesting is the fact that Kursat is much mentioned, and not in a good way, in the summing up of the Judge in the SOCA v Gary Robb case at the High Court in London.


Here is a reminder of the Greatstone case. counr

Whatever happens, it must be remembered, ALL purchasers in TRNC believed their advocates when they assured them it was safe to buy in their country and have DONE NOTHING WRONG. The Government of the TRNC should hang their heads in shame. Of course they will not, since to feel shame you must first have honour.

Pauline Ann Read

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12 comments to Greatstone Property Purchasers in Lapta Given Notice To Quit

  • Polly Marples

    Here we go again…PENSIONERS, predominately British to be ROBBED of their life’s savings by a FLAWED system in the TRNC and a Government that does not give a SHIT.

  • Cyprus Sue

    Surely the victims will now go to the ECHR? Especially as builder and landowner reside in Britain?

    I wondered what had happened to the buyers because of the silence and length of time this has been going on I wrongly assumed there had been resolution. I remember Marion working with the buyers and all the information on Cyprus44. So sorry that it has turned out this way. Hope there are other avenues that the victims can use. There are several other sites in exactly the same position so this is going to knock their confidence and confirm that there is little to no justice for foreign buyers in the TRNC.

    Not much publicity – seems to have been swept under the carpet.

  • Ian Edwards

    Does anyone know whether these legally farcical TRNC practices are also common in Turkey?

    If they are not, then it’s high time the Turkish government got involved and began to impose itself.

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline received this from the purchaser this a.m.

    “We lost our appeal in the Nicosia court even with what we were advised were foolproof and legal contracts.
    In our case the land owner put a charge on the whole development even though a number of properties and the plots they stand on where registered in the buyers name and the sale was endorsed by the landowner & Builder. Before this charge was registered
    The landowners bank is the same as yours, and his solicitor is Akan Kursat.”

    It does not give Pauline much hope for the K5 appeal.

    Pauline did advise this purchaser to talk to a UK solicitor with a view to taking it to the ECHR.

    Ironic, this purchaser also used the infamous NAOMI MEHMET for his conveyance and she did as bad a job for him as she did for Pauline.

    Ms Mehmet, I think Pauline wishes you all sorts of luck, but none of it good.

    Karma will bite you on the arse one day….soon she hopes.

  • Miltiades

    You all seem to forget that the “trnc” is NOT RECOGNIZED by any nation on earth, forget Turkey the creator.

    You must have had shit in your eyes when you embarked upon purchasing stolen properties in the occupied parts of Cyprus.

    Do you really think that Turkey will consider you lot when it comes, if it does, to a solution.

    You were warned and advised by your respective foreign offices of the risks in purchasing in the occupied parts. You buried your heads in the sand and went ahead.

    You deserve all that WILL be dished out to you sooner rather than later.

  • Polly Marples

    As usual MNCB tinkered around the edges and achieved nothing.

    As usual, victims told not to talk with Pauline. Now they are…too late.

  • Polly Marples

    They never had the courage to put a name to Akfinans Bank here. You either have the courage of your convictions…or you don’t.

  • AM

    But lets not forget Milti a very large number of your so called compatriots and much loved brothers also own this so called “stolen property” and they will get their come uppence as well…. I hope they meet you one day wandering around Croydon ?

  • Cyprus Sue

    I think this answers your question.

  • Cyprus Sue

    This was an interesting landmark case in Turkey in which the landowner was held to be as equally accountable as the builder. Could it be applied to the TRNC?

  • Polly Marples

    Who do you believe?

  • Polly Marples

    Apparently, nothing in Cyprus Today.