A Police Car in North Cyprus Is Fitted With A Speed Camera

A Police Car in North Cyprus Is Fitted With A Speed CameraNorth Cyprus is moving into the 21st century by introducing a police patrol car with a mobile speed camera installed. The TRNC Police General Directorate explained that this vehicle aimed to prevent the leading cause of accidents, speeding. They issued a statement which may come as a surprise to North Cyprus drivers: ‘stick to the speed limits’.

The aim is that eventually 8 police cars with mobile speed cameras will be brought into service but so far just one police patrol car fitted with a mobile speed camera will be covering the thousands of miles of roads in the north. The vehicle detects and take photos of cars that are speeding while the police vehicle is parked or moving. Fines will be issued to those who break the speed limits.

The only real comment to this is why has it taken so long. Many Turkish Cypriots are able to avoid penalties from static speed cameras as they seem to know which ones are actually working. On the main Girne-Lefkosa road, it is not unusual to be passed by cars traveling far in excess of the speed limit and there is a feeling that they only do this because they know there will be no come back. Possibly being stopped by the police, however, is far more likely to make them think twice about breaking the speed limit. If only because of the inconvenience of being stopped and issued with another ticket to stuff in a rubbish bin.

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2 comments to A Police Car in North Cyprus Is Fitted With A Speed Camera

  • Polly Marples

    It will come as no surprise to know that even if an Advocate is caught speeding, or indeed committing a motoring offence, he will go to court, or as in fatboy’s case, get a pal advocate to go to court for him, secure in the knowledge he will receive no fine and not penalty points on his/her licence.

    Justice a la TRNC.

  • cyprusishome

    Not just knowing which cameras are working, quite simply they just do not pay fines. Same as not paying car tax, property tax, income tax etc.

    An idea to be considered should be when drivers are stopped for speeding a quick call to HQ to check on outstanding fines as well as lack of road tax would result in instant confiscation of vehicle if there were any violations. But we all know how the cousins system works and what would happen!!!!!!