Ex-Pat North Cyprus Residence Regulations Now in Place

Ex-Pat North Cyprus Residence Regulations Now in PlaceNorth Cyprus newspaper Yeni Düzen (24.10.19) reports that the residence and visa regulations include the following:

– The period for which a foreigner could stay with a visa in North Cyprus cannot exceed 90 days each time and cannot exceed 90 days every 180 days.

– A person who works in North Cyprus with a residence permit and receives the minimum wage will be able to bring only three individuals from his family.

– A person who completed 90 days of stay in North Cyprus with a residence permit will be able to enter again after 80 days.

– Upon entering the North Cyprus foreigners will be asked to state the purpose of their visit, their upkeep and the place where they will be staying in North Cyprus. The questioning will not exceed four hours.

– Those who do not accept to be questioned for a long time at the ports will be given the right to return to their country.

– Those who are not considered appropriate to enter in the occupied area will be sent back.

– EU citizens and citizens of Turkey should possess a valid passport for at least two months in order to be granted visa and the citizens of other countries for at least six months.

– There will be various kinds of visas. The visitors will state the purpose and the place of their visit and they will not be able to exceed the period of time mentioned in their visa. For example, those who entered with a tourist visa will be able to stay 90 days, those who entered with a training-course visa will be staying for a week and those who came with a work permit will be granted a visa for 30 days.

– According to the new practice concerning the family residence permits, children younger than 18 years old will be registered with their parents who have been granted a work permit or a residence permit.

– Application fees which are delayed or concern the past will be subject to fine.

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