Why Not Have a North Cyprus Turtle Nest Named After You

Why Not Have a North Cyprus Turtle Nest Named After YouAre you aware that you could help in the preservation of the turtles in north Cyprus? Funds are always needed for SPOT (Society for Protection of Turtles) and a very easy way to donate is to have a nest named for 50tl (£12). For this you will have a personally named nest, receive a certificate, a photograph of your nest, updates and a photograph of when it hatches.

I am lucky enough to have seen the turtles in north Cyprus as they flip flop their way from their nests to the sea. It truly is magical but the sad part is that so few actually survive. Their chances are increased by the volunteers of Karsiyaka Turtle Watch who will help excavate nests and keep the baby turtles until the sun goes down in the evening when they will stand a far better chance of survival and also the conservation efforts of SPOT.

There are two kinds of turtles in north Cyprus, loggerheads, Carretta carretta and the green turtle Chelonia mydas.

The recent water project has been quite disruptive to the turtles so even more attention is required.

Should you consider naming a nest, contact Karsiyaka Turtle Watch on their Facebook page or phone 0533 844 8353 or email [email protected]

For more information on SPOT – https://www.cyprusturtles.org/

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