Google+ Popular Science News | Yew Tree Chemotherapy

Popular Science News | Yew Tree Chemotherapy

Monday, July 2, 2012
- by Natalie Nightingale

1x1.trans Popular Science News | Yew Tree ChemotherapyPopular Science News – Yew Tree needles have been used for chemotherapy for a long time, in the manufacture of the drugs Docetaxel and Paclitaxel. This is not the first time the yew has been used in medicine. In 1021, a herbal drug “Zarnab” was used as a cardiac medicine, and it was not known until the 1960s when it was discovered to be a calcium channel blocker drug. In the Central Himalayas, the plant is used as a treatment for breast and ovarian cancer.

1x1.trans Popular Science News | Yew Tree Chemotherapy
1x1.trans Popular Science News | Yew Tree Chemotherapy

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