Popular Science News | Will You Lose Internet on Monday?

Popular Science News – last year hackers infected hundreds of thousands of computers but thanks to the efforts of the FBI in the USA the attack was thwarted. Unfortunately when the FBI located the computer the hackers intended to use to control infected computers they realised that if they turned it off then the infected computers would lose the ability to connect to the internet. To prevent this they set up their own computer and linked the infected computers to it so they could continue to use the internet. This was necessary so the users could download tools to remove the infection.

However, a year later the FBI computer is about to be turned off and any infected computers will then be without internet. On Monday at 12:01 a.m. EDT Monday, July 9th a court order allowing this temporary fix will expire and so you better go to www.dns-ok.us/ and check to see if you are infected. Instructions explaining what to do if you are infected are included on the website.

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