The Naked Plumber – How to Fix a Leaky Tap

I think you will enjoy this. I must warn you, this is top shelf stuff.

Today Agile went to water the garden of a friend who is on holiday. He has been doing this for a few weeks and nothing untoward has happened to date.  Today was the exception. When Agile tried to turn off the tap, it just did not want to know. No matter what he did, the water kept coming. He decide to direct the water into the overflow of the pool and think.

A new tap was what was needed, and strangely enough he just did not have one to hand. This is the man skilled in jumping out of the way of speeding Akfinans vehicles, so he was not going to let the need for a tap beat him.  So here is a graphic description of our erstwhile, hero cum plumber in action.

Step one: Go to the Yapi and purchase new tap.

Step two: Return to the scene of the problem.

Step three: Remove clothes because he does not know where the meter is and the pump is indoors and he does not have a key.

Step four: Remove the offending tap.

Step five: Try to keep dry as the water pours out.

Step six: Fit the new tap and solve the problem.

Job done, our erstwhile hero plumber saves the day (and the water).


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