Popular Science News | Turkey Fined by ECHR for Blocking Websites

Popular Science News – Turkey has been fined by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for blocking websites as a result of a blanket ban of Google Sites which hosts a multitude of websites for free. Turkey was fined €7500 plus €1000 costs.

In the case of Turkish citizen Ahmet Yıldırım the ECHR said, Law no. 5651 on Internet regulations “failed to meet the foreseeability requirement under the Convention and had not afforded the applicant the degree of protection to which he was entitled by the rule of law in a democratic society,” adding that “the effects of the measure in question had therefore been arbitrary and the judicial review of the blocking of access had been insufficient to prevent abuses.”

Having personally had several websites hosted by provider iPage blocked by those accessing the websites through Turkish Telecom, I fully understand Yıldırım’s concern. Unfortunately, unlike him, there is no way I’ll be compensated for this blocking and I wonder if he’ll ever see the money the ECHR has awarded him.

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