Modern Poetry | Carob Cottage

Modern Poetry – Carob Cottage. When I first arrived in North Cyprus I lived in Ilgaz and spent a relaxing year at Carob Cottage

Carob Cottage

Mountain peaks
Rising Sun.
Trumpeting flower
Fanfare to lizard.
Magpie, Pigeon
Hooded crow.
Pine and Olive
With Carob grow.
Owl starred night
Venus shining.
Isle of love
Thoughts cascading.
Near to God
Allah too.
Dream time soon
Magic carpet.
Soothing mind
Stress free.
Quietly watching
Fox and hedgehog.
Passing through
Moon over mountain.
Hooting owl
Silvery glow.
Oxygen rises
Filling lungs.
Through mind
And body.
Allowing dreams
No need of castle.
No jester here
Fresh mountain air.
Nodding head of reptile
Good morning.
Drop of almond
Shells abound.
Turkish arch
Pleasing Fresco.
Eggs from village
Cinan’s tobacco.

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