Popular Science News | Toy Boat Sinks in Atlantic Bid

Popular Science News – as news goes ‘Toy Boat Sinks in Atlantic Bid’ should not have hit the headlines. The story contain some elements which built an otherwise pathetic story into something more than it was. Retired Nato scientist Robin Lovelock launched an unmanned boat in a bid to cross the Atlantic . Unfortunately reality told a different story.

Mr Lovelock spent £450 kitting out a 5ft model boat he named Snoopy Sloopy, he launched it from Barton-on-Sea beach in Hampshire and before he knew it, it’d drifted in the wrong direction and ended up a few miles away on the rocks near the Needles, off the Isle of Wight.

Well, I’d like to announce that NCFP Contributor, Natalie Nightingale, is to launch a lolly stick in a bid to circumnavigate the globe. The lolly stick will be launched from Escape Beach in North Cyprus, and will be watched as it sets off on a route taking it through the Bay of Biscay, across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and back to Escape Beach. Sponsors are welcome in order to decorate the lolly stick with advertisers’ logos sure to be picked up by world news services when it finishes this epic journey; possibly even a few minutes after it is launched!


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