North Cyprus Property | Permission To Purchase and John Good


It is clear that many of the property scams would not exist if the Government had given Permission to Purchase the time and consideration it has always needed.

Transfer of title should take place at the time of sale and PTP should be retrospective. The purchaser should be asked to complete an application at the outset and if the details supplied by the applicant shows any cause for concern, it should be then explained that this may well cause them to loose their Permission to Purchase and in light of this, do they wish to withdraw from the purchase. If the purchaser knowingly lies on that form and is later caught out, clearly anything that happens is their own fault.

Because this straight forward approach is not taken the purchasers remain vulnerable to the unscrupulous and frankly this is the fault of the Government who allow this to happen.

It is often said that every foreigner should wait for their PTP before purchasing. As in the recent past the bulk of property purchases have been made by foreigners, this is a nonsense as it would totally stall the property market. Indeed even the Government recognised this by the introduction of the Estate Agents’ Law which allowed foreigners (clearly without their PTP’s) to register their Contract of Sale at the Tapu (Land Registry). Why would they have done this if they had not tacitly accepted that purchasers do purchase without their PTP and indeed have been actively encouraged to do so.

Yesterday whilst we were all busy at court, someone introduced the non-existent Mr John Good to the other STBINC group. Clearly someone has a sense of humour, he is of course now no longer there. Coincidentally yesterday also, several members were put back as members of Mr Good’s stbinc group even though they had left and had not asked to rejoin this group. This is a violation of FaceBook rules that should only allow readmission at the request of the that person who left. I have been assured they have not reapplied to join this group. One member tells me it had happened to her previously and when she asked to be removed again, she was told, it was not in his remit to do so. What nonsense, as admin and at the request of a member, he can and should do this.


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