Popular Science News | The Arctic Sea is Melting

Popular Science News – the NASSA satellite image below shows the extent of the summer melting this year, compared to the average extent of ice over the last 40 years as shown by the yellow line. This is despite the temperatures being cooler than the record breaking 2007 Arctic warmth.

“The extent of the ice at the end of the annual melt has dropped to 3.41 million square kilometres (1.32 million square miles), just over half the minimum area covered on average between 1979 and 2000”

So what? Apart from saying that there will be weather changes to the south of the Arctic, scientists seem to be guessing what these changes will be. They suggest droughts and floods but that’s probably because there have already been droughts and floods. Simple logic tells you that if water is not frozen then it is either liquid seawater or in the atmosphere as clouds. I suppose that means more rain but as to causing droughts, I would have thought that wasn’t down to melting ice?

There has been a lot of sunspot activity lately and that will stop, could this be the reason? I remember when oil was going to run out in 1973, there was no scientific reason that it should but the doom and gloom brigade believed it would because people were doing the wrong things and they knew better. May be true that they did, but their predictions seemed to be there to support beliefs and weren’t backed up by evidence. Is this another example of scientists saying things like the lack of sleep causes you to get fat? Well no, it’s just that during the two extra hours you are awake there is more change of you eating!


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