Pauline’s Partner Publicly ‘Falsely Accused’ by CAC Head


This morning the events of yesterday seem almost surreal. The people who came to support Kulaksiz 5 in their hour of need were marvellous and behaved as I knew they would, with dignity and patience. All that is but one.

Whilst we were all in the courtroom listening to both sides of the argument in a language most of us did not understand, the behaviour of us all had been exemplary. Many of you may not realise it but Agile, my partner, keeps a very low profile and usually waits in the background when I am involved in my many missions. Today was no exception but he did decide to join me on the balcony during our afternoon wait for the Judges decision. Our logic is that should anything happen to me he would at least be able to summon help from the organisations that have promised their help and protection in an emergency.

The only time Agile has ever really made the news here is when a motor vehicle was driven at him at speed during the break-in to our villa in Karsiyaka causing him to jump out of the way to avoid injury or worse.

When I reported this on C44, a poster remarked ‘he must be Agile’, and thus his nickname was spawned. That was back in late July 2010 and, except for the occasional mention of him in my writing, he stays in the background as my support and my rock.

Imagine then to our surprise when the owner/proprietor of Citizens Advice Cyprus approached him on this very crowded balcony and at the top of her voice shouted, ‘if you threaten my children again, you will have me to answer too’. This astounded both Agile, myself and the people standing with us who were stunned into silence. I did ask her what she was talking about and got a very curt ‘this is nothing to do with you’. Then as suddenly as she approached us she stormed away.

One of the group talking to us acted quite quickly and followed her, handed her his CAC membership card and told her he wanted nothing more to do with her organisation. At this she took the card and told him she wanted nothing to do with him. Then she started again and pointed at this former member, shouting ‘this is *** *****’.

I have never before witnessed such extraordinary behaviour and frankly was appalled that she chose the venue she did to behave in such a bizarre manner. Needless to say, and true to form, by the time this second victim arrived home he had been banned from the CAC forum.

When we recovered from this attack, Agile told me she had passed right by him earlier in the day at the entrance to the court, when there were few people around, and if she had a problem with him she’d had the ideal opportunity to voice it. Clearly this woman is under great stress but one wonders what her motives were in making a scurrilous totally false allegation in such a public way.

Agile would not threaten her children. During my time at CAC and knowing this woman, Agile has shown only kindness to her children, especially the two younger ones. Agile had no way to even contact her children. Neither of us have telephone numbers for her children. Agile, apart from being able to switch the plug on at the wall is totally computer illiterate.

We are taking this accusation very seriously. Whether we put the matter in the hands of the police authority or take legal action for slander has yet to be decided. Even if there is another explanation for her behaviour, I will not allow the finger of false accusation to be pointed at Agile.

Pauline Ann Read

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