Popular Science News | Spinal Cord Damage Recovery Possible

Popular Science News – it must have been a bit like the episode of Downton Abbey where a character recovers from a spinal injury despite every expectation that he wouldn’t. It now seems that with the help of a prompt from an electrical implant the spinal cord can be restarted. It even functions when the electrode is turned off.

A paralysed man was one of the first people to benefit from experiments on animals and after several months of stimulating the spinal cord, suddenly signals were being sent across the damaged cord. It is still not known whether new pathways had been forced to form or whether the stimuli strengthened an existing weak signal. Whatever the reason, the hope given to people who had been led to believe they were permanently paralysed is immeasurable. Probably more important to the man involved in the experiment, was an increased ability to control his bladder and some return of sexual function.

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