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Popular Science News – Sat Navs were invented to drive us crazy. Some passenger-navigators argue that with the advent of these devices drivers shouts at the machine instead of them but others argue that they still get blamed for the Sat Nav’s navigation errors. Leaving aside all the other problems associated with these machines, recent research is beginning to reveal serious errors users are making as a result of the Sat Nav’s voice commands.

The big two errors are speeding and not seeing pedestrians. Apparently, what is causing these errors is that once a Sat Nav gives more than a single instruction the driver becomes distracted. Listening to these instructions, rather than dangerously looking at the screen, would seem to be the safer option but now this is in question.

Dr Pragya Agarwal, from Lancaster University, said: ‘The results from our research have implications for the way these systems can be designed to be more effective and user-friendly in the future.’ I’d prefer one that just told my partner to shut up and do as they were told instead of always questioning its decisions.

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