Popular Science News | Quantum Computer better than all PCs in existence

A crystal, less than 1 millimetre across, made up of just 300 atoms in a laboratory in Boulder, Colorado is capable of performing all calculations that all the world’s computers together would not be able to do. Quantum computer’s crystal is housed in smartphone sized device called a Penning trap but in order for it to operate it needs a room full of supporting equipment. This is not the only problem, so far it’s only function is only to analyse magnetism and when the results are received there is no way of checking them even with every known computer in the universe.

However, scientists believe that in 10-20 years time this tiny crystal could be developed to find solutions to more useful problems like, say, accurate weather forecasting. It is doubtful whether Quantum PCs will become available on the High Street before 2050 but then according to Moore’s Law computer power doubles every two years and this has been true for at least the last 40 years.

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