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Popular Science News – NHS Problems at Stafford Hospital. A report into Stafford Hospital says that NHS problems led to an estimated 1200 avoidable deaths. The £10m unpublished report “heard evidence of patients dying after falling when they were left unattended and others being denied food and drink.” It is expected that when the report is published next month it will expose a catalogue of NHS problems not only at Stafford Hospital but will show practices which are symptomatic of the entire NHS.

One factor which is to blame for NHS problems is believed to be a “culture of fear” where pressure is applied to staff to put the demands of managers before the needs of patients. The report claims that despite NHS problems which led to over a thousand deaths, “about 41 doctors and 29 nurses working at the hospital have escaped serious punishment, despite complaints being lodged with their professional bodies.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt responded by saying, “most of all we need a change of culture. Patients must never be treated as numbers but as human beings, indeed human beings at their frailest and most vulnerable.” He also promised, “to introduce a system of patient feedback – which would be published – whereby every hospital in-patient will be asked whether they would recommend the care they received to family or friends.”

He even talked about “openness and transparency when things go wrong” and promised that the Department of Health would “listen carefully” to inquiry findings.

However, there is little sign that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will be taking any actions in the near future which will change the experience of patients currently facing NHS problems in wards around the country. A patient currently being neglected in a hospital bed without the care they need, for whatever reason, will derive little satisfaction if all that will happen is that they, or their friends and family, will be given a satisfaction form to fill in. If jobs are on the line, the bad ones may even end up in the bin. How will we ever know?

Source: www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20924654

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