North Cyprus News | Expat’s Repeat HepatitisTest Travesty

This north Cyprus news article article from Cyprus Today, 5th January 2013, reveals yet another travesty in north Cyprus:

Expat faces ordeal hepatitis test

An expat is facing a second nightmare after being told he has hepatitis C following a routine blood test for residency renewal. Nigel Watson, 53, from Lancashire who moved to Karsiyaka in 2004, said he was devastated by the positive results of two tests at state hospitals in Lefkosa and Girne last month, which he says are wrong. The end result, he says, is that his residency permit will cost nearer 1,000TL than 300TL because he now has to pay 500TL for a more complex blood test in Ankara, to show he does not have the disease, having paid 8OTL each for the TRNC tests.

This is the second time Mr Watson has tested positive for the disease, after a false state hospital test last year left him facing deportation, even though private lab test results came out negative. Mr Watson, who lives with his wife, Patricia, 62, said he felt disgraced by having to go through the experience again — as well as inconvenienced by having to pay again for the Turkish test, which last year cost 400TL.

He said: “My human rights are being breached. Why am I having to go through the same ordeal again? I was tested last month once in Lefkosa and the other in Girne state hospitals and both results showed me as positive. “The director at the hospital told me I was likely to be negative but said rules are rules.”

Mr Watson said the Turkish test last year had proved him to be hepatitis-negative. “I know I am negative and the standard tests at the state hospital are wrong. It must be the equipment they use.”

British Residents’ Society chairman Ann Challis said: “An enquiry is needed into this situation, as it is rather odd that the same thing has happened to the same person.

“The BRS will hopefully hold contacts with the Health Ministry to find out how this can happen. It is clear that Mr Watson has been anguished.”

Suphi Hüdaoglu, former head of the Cyprus Turkish Doctors’ Union, said: “What has happened to Mr Watson is a tragic-comic situation. It is utterly against human and patient rights. “It is as though the authorities are trying to con people into making more money. And even if the person is found to have an illness, it is completely uncivilised to deport them for this reason. They are not criminals. The internal laws of North Cyprus are not universal.”

We all remember this from last year when a foreign temporary resident was tested for Hepatitis C and a false positive was shown.    It was demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that Mr Watson was indeed not carrying the virus, yet here we go again, the same same false result has shown in his 2013 blood test.
Now you would think that any reasonable authority would think, oh yes we got that wrong last year, let’s not make ourselves look foolish yet again.   You would think that, you would be wrong.
Again they are putting Mr Watson through the wringer and draining every last penny they possibly can from him.
On the 1st January 2013 a whole new raft of increases came in, including milking the expats yet again for higher fees for residency.    It is unbelievable that they do not have enough money to pay the staff, where does it go?    Rhetorical question.
Pandora S Box
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