Popular Science News | Nazi Buddhist Statue

nazi buddhist statue

Popular Science News | Nazi Buddhist Statue

When an Nazi-sponsored 1938 expedition to Tibet discovered an ancient statue with a swastika engraved on it, they were intrigued and so brought it back to Germany with them. The reason for sending the expedition had been to find the roots of the Aryan race. What they didn’t know at the time was that the statue had been made a thousand years earlier from a meteorite which had hit the Earth over 10,000 years ago. The iron based meteorite is a difficult material to carve and the Buddhist sculptor may have chosen it for that reason. It is the only example of a human figure being created from one of these meteorites.

Some speculate that there is a connection between the Buddhist swastika on the statue and the reversed swastika used by the Nazi Party since the 1920s. Adolf Hitler, being a man prone to mysticism, could well have seen some symbolic importance of the find but quite honestly, it’s just an old statue made from a meteorite.


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