Popular Science News | Humans Step In When Computers Fail

Popular Science News – it is often thought that computers are better than humans and it is a surprise to some that humans step in when computers fail to complete a task. We are led to believe that Google uses a complex formulae to decide whether a search for ‘Popular Science News’ ranks this article higher than a popsci.com article. Apparently Google employs homeworks who make this decision in some cases. Hi homeworker, rate me top please!

Software called Automan is being used to make a decision about whether a computer or a human should complete a task. For example, whether a human should read a muddy license car plate number. It has a mechanism where it starts of paying a low fee for the answer to a problem and keeps upping the fee until it is sure it has the right answer. For those who are interested, this is yet another example of crowdsourcing, and for the even fewer who may be interested, it’s making us into a Star Trek Borg-like entity where each individual become part of a human computer. Wow, this article must be ranked #1 now, it is so original!

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