Modern Poetry | In each others arms | Wings Series

Modern Poetry | In each others arms | Wings SeriesModern Poetry – In each others arms – Wings Series

In Each Other’s Arms

In each other’s arms
Kissing, holding, watching
Wondering, loving, establishing trust
Not a girl
A mature, loving and lovely woman.
My woman for life.
Fair nature, brave of heart
Comparison not required.
No escape, no ending
A beginning of the rest of our lives.
My mind is calm
I have accepted this real love.
Welcome love
Welcome to my love .
From me and my Island
Come my Beauty.
Lie with me awhile
Feel my heart beat.
Test my strength
Find my weakness.
I will explore you
With lips and tongue.
Testing barriers
Speeding your breath
Gently loving you
Tracing face and curves.
Burning shape and feature
Onto memory.
Tormented nerves quiver
Touch of light, of wind.
Feeding your heart’s desire
Feeling your heat.
Drawing love hearts on your skin
Learning pressures, touch to delight.
Kissing everywhere
Centres of delight.
Pleasure to you
Losing senses to passion.
Stroking your violin
With my bow.

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