Popular Science News | How Safe is it Where You Live?

Popular Science News – sometimes you have a feeling that crime is increasing where you live in the UK. You talk to neighbours or read the local newspaper and maybe you’re worried that it’s no longer safe to go out. Or perhaps you’re think of moving within the UK or returning from Cyprus to the UK and are wondering exactly where to live? Should it be Basildon or Basingstoke? Well there’s a way to find out.

With the help of www.police.uk all you have to do is enter the two towns in the search box and compare the crime statistics they return.

Popular Science News | Basingstoke Crime Figures

Basingstoke Crime Figures

As you can see Basingstoke has 227 crimes reported in August in the centre of the town. You may not be going to live exactly in the centre but this gives you an idea of the location so that when you compare it with statistics for Basildon below you have a rough comparison of the two areas.

Popular Science News | Basildon Crime Figures

Basildon Crime Figures

You can see that with 102 reported crimes, Basildon is apparently twice as safe as Basingstoke. You could then check to see what kinds of crimes these are, for example shoplifting compared to violent crimes. Try it for your postcode, hopefully you’ll discover that outside the centre of towns there are few crimes to worry about.

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