TRNC KibKom Forum | NCFP Editor Banned for Applying to Join

It looks to me as if someone is panicking at KibKom Forum. I applied to be a member in order to add my comments to some of the threads. At first Marion Stuart, one of the Moderators, exchanged a few emails with me asking me why I wanted to join but at the same time implying that I wasn’t wanted there. Fair enough, I replied, I just wanted to know what kind of Forum it was. Then, when I went to the forum a little later, I received this message

NCFP News | kibkom-before

I’d been banned on the basis of the IP I’d used at the time so a few minutes later I changed the IP address and everything was as it should be.

NCFP News | kibkom-after

It’s not as if there is generally anything worth reading, from my perspective, I’m just surprised that KibKom is being so protective of it. Perhaps it is time to launch an alternative Forum, one where members can choose to personalize whose comments they get to read. For example on the forum if you don’t like reading what ‘pollymarples’ writes then click to ban her, but only from what you read. Those who don’t make that choice would still have her comments displayed. That way the members have a choice as to who they read, not just the Administrators.

Editor: 24/10/2012 IP ban lifted

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