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Popular Science News – if you have a FaceBook account you probably know what stress having lots of ‘friends’ can be. Now, a University of Edinburgh study has confirmed it. You pick up ‘friends’ from all walks of lives and let’s face it, many are not friends at all, and having them in your face every time you log on can be a bit stressful. The more ‘friends’ you have, the more potential stress they bring.

There’s the friends who have causes you don’t espouse, and who post harrowing images, and those with relationship difficulties who are having emotional problems they need to share and then there’s those who are just plain mad; and they all want to interact with you. No wonder you get palpitations every time you think about logging in.

On top of that, you’ve added your parents and temporarily forget that they are seeing whatever you are seeing because you don’t know how to set the security settings. You remember that as you cringe at the latest racist anti-immigration ‘joke’ a new ‘friend’ has just posted. Then you find that you’re having trouble finding a job because employers are judging you on your FaceBook page. Technology, wonderful isn’t it?

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