Modern Poetry | The Pearl | Wings Series

More  Modern Poetry, this piece is titled  The Pearl and is in the Wings Series.

The Pearl

Dark ocean deep
Oyster clamped fast.
Imprisoned pearl  
Holding breath swim
Upward shell in hand.
Blade struck Sunshine
Polish with a kiss.
No gold rich enough
Can fashion a mount.
For such shape divine
Lustre and Opaque.
Shining light
Shimmering wing.
In heart my forever.
Thrown high in the night
The  pearl.
The moon shining light
A Cyprus moon, Levantine.
Turkish Delight, coffee
Fez, rug and pipe.
Soon the Sun
Lady  come.
Procession of butterflies
Greet the dawn
Nectar and petals
Carpet the ground
Arches of oleander
Perfume her way.
Rising over mountain
Chasing mist away.

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