Popular Science News | Earliest Chocolate Sauce

Popular Science News –  the earliest chocolate sauce has been discovered by archaeologists excavating a site in the Yucatan peninsular in Mexico. Apparently the 2500 year-old sauce was discovered on a plate which scientists said pointed to it being used other than as a drink, which had been the sole way chocolate had been thought to have been consumed up until this new discovery.[The Telegraph]

Now, call me picky but if in 2500 years time an archaeologist found one of my unwashed plates, taken to the kitchen with a tea cup stacked on it, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a tea stain on the plate. However, if that archaeologist then started to publish learned papers about the first discovery of the use by the British of tea as a sauce in the 21st Century AD, then it would be just plain batty! I can’t help thinking that one of the most uncommon skills used by scientific researchers is common-sense!

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