Original Stop the Blackmail FB Group asks members to invite friends

We have seen so many attempts to silence the truth during this time of evil in north Cyprus.

Crude email threats to Pauline Read. Even cruder face-to-face threats. A very nasty smear campaign through the Turkish language press to demonise a lady of shall we say, advancing years. Even calls for her deportation through Halkin Sesi and Turkish language newspaper.

Attempts to knock out North Cyprus Free Press with cyber attacks. Libel writs promised by the bucketful, aimed at Pauline Read. FaceBook groups attacked and then penetrated by the enemies of free speech and censorship. What promises were made to those who enabled this, we have no idea but we do know there would have been. That this group now censors its members is without doubt, any post not to their liking is deleted. This group is now a pale shadow of its former self and a casualty of suppression. Members have been banned for no reason other than they would not adhere to draconian rules. Feeble attempts to intimidate both Pauline Read and NCFP by not very subtle and even pathetic threats. The lowest being the threat of exposure of Pauline Read’s son being a drug addict, that particular threat was neutralised in the only way possible.

So why are they going to all this trouble. Pauline Read has often said that deep down she just knows there is something she does know but does not realise it, maybe that will surface and she can then share it with you all. Pauline Read has also said that the only way she will be silenced is with a bullet, in that case it had better be a silver one.

Before the advent of pressure groups like Stop the Blackmail, North Cyprus Free Press was getting its message across, so why do they think being ‘banned’ from their site will make a difference? Now of course they have a link to the Original STBINC FaceBook group. If you Google “stop the blackmail in north cyprus”, the first have dozen entries are about the original group and not Nige’s. You will see it comes up in blue with a ‘FIST’ as the logo. It is a secret group for no other reason than that is how Pauline Read found it, with her as the solitary member and once the group quickly topped 250 members it is impossible to change that. The membership is now well over 1000 and members are requested to bring their friends on board as members. It is a tribute to those who stay true to the Original principle of opposing blackmail at all levels that this Original group exists and continues to post regular updates and news links from NCFP. I am sure the limited advertising that is contained on NCFP to finance its running is something no one objects to and I do not believe anyone ever objected to it.

NCFP will continue to print the truth, to publish the truth and to thwart the attempts of those who would stop it.

NCFP Publishing, an offshoot of NCFP, are still asking that anyone with a property scam story to come forward and allow your story to be used in the book they are now collating ready for worldwide distribution.

Pandora S Box

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